Cerere in casatorie romantica - iesi din tipare!

Romantic marriage proposal – How to turn a moment into an unforgettable memory?

Today we venture into the romantic world of marriage proposals. It's the moment when two people unite their destinies in an act full of love and emotions. And what better way to do that than through a romantic marriage proposal ? So, to inspire you and help you create an unforgettable memory for your partner, we have collected some amazing and funny ideas for romantic marriage proposals .

1. High Altitude Marriage Proposal – By Hot Air Balloon

If you want to literally reach the pinnacle of your love, then a hot air balloon proposal can be the perfect choice. Imagine the breathtaking view over the city as you soar into the skies with the sun rising in the background. You can hide the ring in a small box or even in an envelope with a panoramic view of the city. When your partner least expects it, you can make the "big announcement" and give them the ring in a way that will stay in your memory forever.

2. Underwater Marriage Proposal – A Deep Love

If you love deeply and are passionate about underwater adventures, then an underwater marriage proposal could be the perfect choice. Prepare a message written on an underwater plaque or panel and propose your love in the middle of the underwater world. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and a diving instructor to help you turn this moment into a unique love story.

3. Romantic Dinner at the Museum – An Art Request

If you want to combine art and romance, how about organizing a romantic dinner at the museum ? Choose a museum with an exhibition you like and schedule a private dinner in a cultural setting. After exploring the artwork and history, get ready to make a marriage proposal that is as unique as the two of you. You can use art to express your feelings or have a museum guide help you make the announcement in a special way.

4. Romantic Carriage Ride – Head in the Clouds

If you prefer outdoor adventures, a romantic carriage ride could be the answer. Passing by idyllic landscapes, you will feel that you are really where you should be and with whom you should be. Wait for the right moment and ask your partner to accompany you on a trip where you will launch the marriage proposal. This moment will surely live up to expectations!

5. Weekend Chalet – A Couple's Escape

If you want to create a romantic weekend experience, then a chalet weekend can be a wonderful choice. Rent a picturesque cabin in a mountain setting or in a charming forest and plan a romantic getaway. In a special moment, in front of the fireplace or under the starry sky, propose and prepare to start a new stage of your life together.

6. Story Weekend in Bucovina – A Marriage Proposal with a Romanian Soul

If you are proud of your Romanian roots, then a fairytale weekend in Bucovina can be the ideal choice for a marriage proposal. Bucovina is famous for its impressive landscapes and for its authentic traditions. You can explore the painted churches of Bucovina and make your request in an authentic Romanian setting. It will be a memorable experience for both you and your family.


Regardless of how you choose to make a romantic marriage proposal, the important thing is that it is authentic and reflects your personality as a couple. Choose the place and the moment that define your love and create unforgettable memories together. So, get ready to take the big step and live a love story together that will last forever. Because a romantic marriage proposal is not just a moment, it is the beginning of a life full of love and adventures!