20 de idei spectaculoase pentru a sarbatori o aniversare acasa

During the pandemic, many special events were postponed or canceled. It wasn't pleasant at all, but it was just a stage in life. People learned to live differently: they didn't stop celebrating the big days in their lives, they just had to be a bit more creative about the ways they celebrate, including birthdays or special events in the couple's life.

This lifestyle has gradually become natural, and today even if the restrictions during the pandemic are just a memory, people have borrowed from the good habits learned then. Just because they couldn't leave the house or because they couldn't go to clubs and restaurants didn't mean that they couldn't have fun together and that they couldn't mark the moment.

You can try even now, although the restrictions no longer limit us, to organize an anniversary for two at home. You will be surprised to learn that this kind of anniversary without too much fuss can turn into one of the most beautiful memories.
It can be something simple, like a movie night or an order of food or something more fancy, if you plan to dress elegantly and have a picnic under the stars, if you sit in the yard. Everything depends on you, but it will definitely be a beautiful memory!
Find in the following some wonderful ideas to celebrate an anniversary moment at home. The best part is that most of these ideas can be put into practice without too much of a budget, and many of them don't even require you to leave home or dress up.

Order food

If there's a perfect occasion to not cook, it's definitely an anniversary! Order food from one of your favorite restaurants - it can be from one where you would have gone if you had left the house, or any other option that you haven't tried before. Choose pizza, pasta, sushi or something more extravagant, depending on your wishes. The food will make the evening even more special.

Dress elegantly

To make the evening seem even more special, dress elegantly. Even if no one else will see the outfits you wear, it's good to make an effort for each other, especially after years and years spent together. In addition, you will have some beautiful pictures from this evening.

Organize a movie night

Because during the pandemic, all the premieres that should have appeared in cinemas appeared on streaming platforms and you definitely didn't get to see them all, you will have a lot of excellent options for a movie night at home. In addition, watching a favorite movie that you may have seen many times can also be an option. Snuggle up on the couch and pop some popcorn, or even rent a projector and screen for the backyard.

Cook together

Cooking together and then actually enjoying the dishes can make the evening really fun, especially for couples where both partners are slightly gourmands. Choose a fun recipe online together and order the ingredients, then enjoy the results you worked so hard for!

Re-create the first date

Of course, it will be harder to do this at home, but creativity is part of the fun! It's also a great opportunity to look back at memories from the beginning of the relationship. It is possible that since then a lot has changed and you need this return in time!

Look at your favorite memories from the wedding

An anniversary is the perfect time to look back at the day it all started! Watch videos and look at photos from the big day, talk about the unforgettable memories from so long ago, and if you feel like it, even wear the wedding outfits (congratulations if they still fit!). Such a gesture can remind you extremely beautifully of the great love that has passed the test of time.

Camping at home

Such an idea can mean setting up a real tent in the living room or building a fort from beds and sofa cushions - you just have to start somewhere and be creative! Camp in the house for a night, watch movies, drink some good wine and see where this evening goes... It will be a change of pace and you will definitely have a great time!

Picnic in the yard

Take a blanket, prepare a good meal (or order takeout) and eat outside, especially if the day is beautiful! You can do this both during the day and at night, when you will get "bonus points" if you manage to create a great atmosphere with fun sparkling lights or a campfire, which can be especially romantic in the winter months.

Take an online course

Also during the pandemic, when everyone stayed at home more, we all learned a very good habit: learning new skills online. And today online courses are easier than ever and can definitely be a fun anniversary activity! Sign up for an online course and learn a new skill together - cooking, bartending or even yoga and meditation.

Close all devices

Take this anniversary as an ideal opportunity to face a special challenge: stay without phones or computers for an entire evening. Instead, focus on each other and on the conversation. This kind of special and complete attention to each other can make the night unique and, when life is extremely stressful, it's exactly the escape you need from time to time.

Dance in the living room

Or in the kitchen... or in the bedroom... or anywhere. Put on your favorite music or even the special playlist from the wedding day, including the first song to which you danced the bride and groom's waltz. It's probably not something you usually do at home, but it can be fun, special and even a little funny for an evening for two that doesn't involve going out to a place where you can literally dance.

Virtual wine tasting

Virtual wine tastings have also become very popular during the isolation period. Even if you didn't know, there are plenty of wineries that will provide you with everything you need for a wine tasting right at your home. Don't forget to prepare an elegant plate with cheeses for tasting!

Make a DIY project

We all have a lot of projects around the house that need to be completed, or fun ideas pinned to Pinterest boards. You can use this evening to tackle one of these projects. Working together towards a common goal like this can be a fun way to spend time together and ultimately celebrate the achievement and admire the result...preferably with a glass of champagne in hand.

Exchange letters

Before the anniversary, take the time to write each other a letter about what the time spent together meant to you. Share your favorite memories, make new promises to each other and anything else you feel like saying! Then, on the anniversary, exchange letters. It is a wonderful and romantic gesture and an unforgettable gift.

Adopt a pet

Of course, it is important to be on the same wavelength in this regard. If you have already discussed adopting a pet and agreed on this topic, an anniversary can be a perfect time to welcome a furry friend into the family. Dog, cat or fish... every living being needs love and warmth!

Do an activity together

You can choose any kind of activity, from organizing your linen closet, to building an intricate Lego set, or to watching a Bob Ross video and learning how to paint happy trees the professional way. Anything that breaks the rules will be a lot of fun.

Play a game

Play a game you haven't played in so long that it's dusty, or compete against each other in a video game like Mario Kart. Whatever game you choose, you will have the perfect opportunity to have fun, which does not always happen in everyday life, especially in recent years, when the world has only faced bad news, stress and reasons for anxiety.

Take a walk

It's time to go outside! A walk for two, even around the house, can be a fun activity for an anniversary, especially if the weather is nice. Leave your phones at home and enjoy an hour or two of fresh air and undisturbed conversation.

Order a box for a romantic evening

Although an idea still at the beginning in Romania, the boxes with all the arsenal you need for an evening for two, are gradually starting to gain popularity here as well. You will find in the box everything you need for an anniversary, from scented candles, a bottle of wine, the elements for a special dinner for two, and maybe even the products for a spa evening. And all without having to go shopping or struggle with the best choices.

Organize a spa evening at home

What could be a better idea for a night in which you celebrate a special anniversary than an evening of relaxation? Buy some face masks, prepare a bath with nice-smelling foam, light some candles and spend the night surrounded by luxury. Give each other a massage and don't forget the comfortable bathrobes!