About us

You gave us the idea of ​​the store...

...the special people who should give and receive more than simple objects wrapped in a beautiful colorful package. Perfect gifts is a gift shop, indeed, but special gifts. Instead of objects, we beautifully package moments, sensations, experiences that will remain for a long time in the memory of the one who receives them.

Gifts with soul, with humor, with attitude. It is what we offer you.

We are not another online gift site that offers you standard solutions for a mediocre gift. Whether it's a parachute jump, a horse riding or acting course, a spa session, an anniversary on a yacht and any other idea out of the box for a gift, we can help you. You only have to be a little detective of the wishes of the person you want to surprise with your gift, and we take care of the rest. We know that it's sometimes hard to show that special person in your life how much they mean to you. We also know that your time is precious and that it's hard to run around the shops, where you can't find anything really special anyway. So we save your time and make the most of your desire to offer a unique gift.

Perfect gifts mean imperishable gifts.

Time has an unwanted effect on things, on objects and on faces... The only ones that remain are our memories, those moments that cling to our memory and that mark the important moments for our existence. So, give a memory as a gift, an unforgettable moment! If you found it on our website and your little one can't cope, join forces with the rest of the group and the problem is solved.

We are waiting for you with the doors of the site wide open!