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Inspired by a number of customers that grows from year to year and by their desire to give gifts in a different way, we share our partners' passion for everything that entails special experiences and we want to enrich our offer.

So, if you have at least one experience that you love and want to promote, we would love to know the details and become the next chapter in your story. Join the Cadouri Perfecte brand, enjoy access to our marketing team and let's work together to make your experience even more valuable. And to give people what they deserve: perfect gifts .


  1. Cadouri Perfecte brand - Synonymous with a unique and exceptional experience for customers, the most reliable experiential gift brand in Romania.
  2. Marketing support - Explore your full potential. Our experts in online marketing are on duty!
  3. Sales Growth - With over 30% growth year over year, there has never been a better time to join.

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