How to order

Nothing easier! Below you will find details on how to order a gift voucher from our website, Don't panic, there aren't that many steps. There are only details about what you see and what you can do at each step.

  1. To be able to buy, you need an account in the online store. So, first, create your account and then log in. It is very simple.
  2. Choose the currency in which you want the prices to be expressed: LEI or EUR.
  3. Select the gift voucher (the activity you want to give) by pressing the "Add to basket" button.
  4. For the voucher with several package options, select the appropriate package from the list. (Each package has the related price displayed).
  5. Choose the quantity, i.e. the number of vouchers you want us to send you. If you chose "x" quantity for a package, you will receive "x" vouchers, each with the same gift written on it, i.e. the chosen package.
  6. Further, you have two options: "Pay" - you have finished shopping and want to complete the process or "Continue shopping" - you return to the store and choose other products. The chosen one has already been moved to your shopping cart and remains there until you complete the shopping or delete it.
  7. If you have chosen to pay, you will see your shopping basket with all the gift vouchers chosen: Gift voucher name, Package name (where you have chosen from the list), Price for each gift activity, Number of vouchers for this activity, Total value of shopping.
  8. At this step, you can change the number of vouchers for the selected packages, delete them, or return to shopping.
  9. You can also enter the discount code here, if you received one. Enter the code in the "Code" box, then press the "Add" button. The total amount of payment is changed, applying a discount, i.e. the equivalent amount of the discount code.
  10. Complete the Delivery Address and Billing Address, which may or may not coincide. You can add as many addresses as you want to the list.
  11. Add a personalized message, which will appear on the voucher: from who is the voucher, to whom, message, declaration, etc. What you want.
  12. You choose the courier.
  13. You can only go further after checking "Terms and conditions" (it means that you have read and agree to the conditions of our store).
  14. Choose the payment method. For online orders, you cannot choose Cash on delivery.
  15. Confirm the order.
  16. If you chose the online payment method, follow the steps to make the payment.
  17. If you chose the cash on delivery payment, you will pay at the destination.
  18. You will immediately receive a confirmation email regarding your order.
  19. In a short time, depending on the chosen courier, you will receive the gift voucher.

Another thing…

In the Basket, the ordered products, their value and that of the transport are permanently displayed. If you want to change the contents of the basket, press the "Basket" button. From the open page, you can change the quantity of each product or delete products.
In "My Account" all your information related to the created account, addresses entered, purchases made, discount coupons appear. Also from here you can download the invoices in "History and details of my orders".

If problems arise?

Theoretically, you will not encounter any problems during this process: from choosing the product to receiving it by courier, the steps you follow on the website being simple and intuitive, and our partners for transport and payment being professionals. BUT, if a problem still arises, we are at your disposal, at the phone number displayed on the website, from Monday to Sunday between 09:00 and 21:00.