41 de idei de intalniri de vara care iti vor oferi o vacanta de neuitat

There is nothing more beautiful than a summer love story, and it doesn't even matter if we are talking about real life or fiction. Some of the best books, shows and movies ever released give a special energy to summer romances, so it's no wonder we all fall in love with the stories. But what could be more pleasant than daydreaming about a gorgeous summer, full of sun and fun dating ideas?

The longer days and warmer nights of summer bring with them a lot of dating ideas that you can't enjoy in the other seasons of the year and maybe that's why we hear about so many love stories that are born in summer. From nights out at a drive-in movie theater and stargazing in the garden, to dinner on the patio and a stroll to the local ice cream stand, there are plenty of fun summer date ideas that will keep you entertained to the max. this summer full of love.

So, whether you are in a long-term relationship and want to spice up your nights out with your partner a little, or whether you have an outfit in mind for the first date and just need a few date ideas for this summer, you have below, over 40 summer date ideas that you can enjoy this season.

41 dating ideas that you can try this season

Between the excitement of a date and the feel-good energy of summer, it can be difficult to choose an ideal date idea, especially if we're talking about a first date - because you want to make the most of your time together and enjoy this season.

This list of summer date ideas is divided into five different categories, so that you can make a choice much easier. You just have to decide if you want to do something fun like going to a carnival, something sweet and cute like watching the sunset, something cheap like making marshmallows together, something active like an exercise class, or if you want to go out on a double date, on a trip or to a concert, after which you will have to narrow your plans starting from this decision.

Some of these dating ideas are tried and true, and some are on the wish-list of many of us, so take courage and use them as your personal guide to spice up your summer romance.

Fun ideas for summer dates

Are you looking for fun in the sun? These dating ideas will make you feel like kids on summer vacation, and honestly, what feeling could be more wonderful than that? Put one of these fun summer dates on your calendar (or even all of them!) as soon as possible to enjoy a wonderful summer with your significant other.

– An outing in an amusement park.
– Rent a boat for a day.
- Go out for an ice cream.
– A zip line route.
– Play various games at a local carnival.
- Go to a music festival.
- Go to a basketball game.
- Go to the zoo.

Cute summer date ideas

Prepare your outfits for the evening, try a new blush or a new eyeshadow to feel special when you put on makeup, put on your favorite summer sandals and enjoy one of these romantic date ideas with your partner in this summer, if you want to feel special.

– Go to a drive-in movie.
- Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
- Go to a wine tasting.
– Visit a botanical garden.
- Have dinner and drink something by the water.
- Look at the stars on a blanket in the yard of the house.
- Learn to cook with seasonal ingredients at a cooking class.
- Take a romantic ride on a hydrobike.

Cheap ideas for summer dates

After the winter holidays, summer is one of the busiest (and therefore most expensive) periods of the year. If you want to reduce expenses, but still enjoy a nice meeting, you are exactly where you need to be! The cheap date ideas on this list are just as good, if not better, than the dates that cost more money.

- Do an outdoor movie marathon.
– Try a new food truck.
- Go to a farmers market.
- Watch movies in the park.
- Have a picnic in the yard of the house.
- Organize a themed dinner at home.
– Make marshmallows around a campfire.
- Go fruit picking.

Active summer date ideas

There is no better time than summer to get outdoors and exercise. And why wouldn't you do this together? Active dating is great during the day, when you can't make plans for dinner but still want to see your partner. Of course, you can schedule these date ideas in the evening too!

– Take a walk in a local park.
- Participate in a new type of training.
- Go by bike around the city.
- Take a yoga class outdoors.
- Take a long walk around the neighborhood.
– Play tennis or badminton.
– Try a local ropes course.
– Try a climbing gym.
- Go rollerblading around the neighborhood.

Summer double date ideas

There are some dates that are even more fun if you do them with friends, and below are some of our favorite double date ideas for summer. Bring some couples together in a group message and decide on one of these activities as dates.

– Organize a campfire.
- Make a barbecue in the yard of the house.
– Play mini golf.
– Spend the day playing outdoor games.
- Go to a concert.
– Excursion by car to explore a neighboring city.
- Host an outdoor dinner.
– Go camping (or set up tents in the backyard!)


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