Saritura de la inaltime – ia-ti zborul!

Jumping from a height - a supreme moment

Which of you hasn't dreamed (literally), at least once in your life, that you fly? Or which of you has never imagined this? Man's desire has always been to fly, the proof being, for example, the well-known story of Icarus or... the existence of airplanes. But we have no way of knowing the feeling of true flight, at least those of us today. In time, who knows where science and technology will end up?

However, we too can live a quite similar experience, but with more adrenaline: high jump . Whether by jumping from a height you mean bungee-jumping or parachute jumping, it means, first of all... a moment of eternity.

The high jump. There are few words to describe it...

I think that, basically, jumping from a height represents a moment that can change your life. Today's society forces man to become faithful to the work-home route, forgetting, most often, the beauties of life. How many times, traveling this road, have you looked up from the ground and looked at the sky, to see that the beauty is right there, above you? What would it be like to touch her?

You can find out what it would be like to touch it, literally and figuratively, through a parachute jump. Here is the situation in which the expression "being in the 9th heaven" becomes really relevant. It is you and the sky, all earthly things (incl worries) seem so small and insignificant, and the feeling you experience is too intense to think about anything else. All you have to do is stretch out your arms and... fly!

Jumping from a height under the empire of adrenaline

And if you really want to live the extreme, you can try high jump by bungee jumping. Yes, I know, you need a lot of courage, but we have one life... Why not make the most of it and feel, at least for a moment, immortal? Because, in the end, the lack of courage too often prevents us from truly enjoying everything that life has to offer...

Imagine absolute freedom. Can you describe it? Probably the most important feature is the lack of constraints of any kind, combined with complete happiness and maximum adrenaline. No, it's not impossible to feel something like that, even if only for a few moments... Bungee-jumping is a memorable experience, so.... take your heart in your teeth and tick this too!

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. (Douglas Adams)

And how every time you fall you have to get up and continue, not only the part where you throw yourself into the void is fascinating, but also the moment when you are picked up by those who assist you. It's like a round trip in a dream too captivating to even realize that what you're living is...real.