O altfel de cerere in casatorie

For a memorable marriage request, call...

It is difficult to give and receive advice when it comes to one of the most important moments in the (sentimental) life of many of us. A request in marriage to tell a story about...the story of the person who kneels and the one who says Yes. But this is the classic and smoked scenario, as some friends would say, of a marriage proposal. In a world where too few things surprise us anymore, a marriage proposal he should still be able to do this.

A marriage proposal that stands

Even when you want to create something completely original, the beginning of creation consists in admiring the ideas, creations of others, seeds from which your own ideas will sprout. The creative creative force, known to us especially under the name of inspiration, is sensitive to external stimuli (including the ideas of others) and often uses them in the creative process, combining them in a unique way.

Marriage proposal ideas for those looking for inspiration

1. Rent a page from a local newspaper that your loved one reads every day. The article is... the marriage proposal.

2. Hire a street cartoonist to stop you while you're walking in the park, draw both of you and attach two text bubbles: one with the big question and the other with the happy answer.

3. Send her on a "treasure hunt". Start by leaving her a hint at home, then send her on a tour of your favorite spots in town. The last clue will naturally lead her to you.

4. Talk to a knowledgeable friend and film a movie trailer in which you propose. Then, all you have to do is convince a movie theater to play the trailer before the movie you invited her to.

5. After he goes to sleep, put your nose in the jewelry box and replace the ring he normally wears with a special one - you know what I mean. 6. Write her a love note, in which you conclude with the marriage proposal. He slips the ticket between the pages of the book he's reading now and...he waits patiently for it to reach the page chosen by you - that way, the surprise will be for both of you.

7. Put the ring on her finger while she sleeps. I do not guarantee that you will put the eyelash on the eyelash until the morning, when she will wake up with a surprise on her finger.

8. Play the hangman. She will have to guess...the marriage proposal.

9. Compose your own...message in a bottle (aka message in a bottle). Then bury the bottle near your beach towel and... make her dig it up somehow.

For more ideas, search through your stories, dig through the things you do together, through your habits and dreams.

In the end, the organizational details will pale in front of the released emotion. Success!