Jucaria preferata din copilarie – cum te-a influentat?

Favorite toy... do you remember it?

Everyone had that favorite toy that marked their childhood and which, when they started to forget it for a long time on the shelf, their parents gave it to younger children... Dramatic! Here is one thing I will never do to my children, because I know that favorite toy it is a landmark in a person's life. For me it was...

I remember my favorite toy, the one I always came back to sooner or later, even if at Christmas or on my birthday I received other toys, newer, more beautiful or more interesting. It was a wooden horse, simple, with a string and wheels. It didn't have many uses, but it fascinated me! And, unfortunately, I don't even have a picture of him, except the extremely clear image in my memory.

Favorite toy - yesterday's and today's passions

I don't know to what extent my favorite toy it influenced my life and if the recent discovery of the hobby of riding is due to it, but many of my friends were really influenced by them. Especially boys. 😀

The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

One of my best friends was passionate about Lego and just last year he successfully finished construction college. Another has a collection of small cars at home since childhood and today, as an adult, not a month goes by without venturing into an off-road experience with his gang.

In the "research" for this article, I also called my best friend and asked her what her favorite childhood toy was. He told me like a music box with a ballerina. Guess what he does every Friday night? Dance classes…

Coincidence or not?

Favorite toy – going back in time

Even if childhood is unique and so is it favorite toy ... there are several ways in which you can relive, at least to some extent, the joy of those dream years.

Hobbies are those ways of great people to play again. So if you're into airplanes, try a recreational flight with a professional pilot, and if you make your own bow and arrow from tree branches and rubber band, experience the real sensation at an archery session!

So, whatever was your favorite toy from childhood... I'm sure you'll find an equivalent as an adult! 😉
Do you still remember your favorite toy?