Japonia. Ateliere de creatie Kanzashi

Kanzashi. So far and yet so close!

Along and to the side of my traveling loves there is a strip of land, which, I hope, at some point in my life, I will feel in all its Asian details and nuances. Japan. Until I manage to knock on the gates of this country, I will lustily dream of a cherry tree at the foot of the holy mountain, in which I will hang a kanzashi ornament.

As a reward, as thanks for its fascinating culture as well as for the gift received not long ago. How? Kanzashi? Yes. I received a hair ornament in the shape of a cherry blossom from a good friend, who set foot on Japanese soil. A gorgeous flower made of fine silk, which managed, through the perfect way of joining the petals, to transpose you into an orchard full of cherry blossoms.

About Kanzashi

Kanzashi is the name of the hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Kanzashi first appeared when women abandoned the tradition of long straight hair and adopted complicated but beautifully elaborate hairstyles .

Today they are often worn by brides, geishas, ​​maiko (geishas-in-the-making), practitioners of ikebana techniques and tea ceremonies. Kanzashi ornaments are made from a wide range of materials, such as lacquered wood, gold and silver, silk and, recently, plastic.

Kanzashi must suit yourself or the person you made it for.


Ornamental kanzashi acquired new forms over time, from the simple metal hairpin to the jade stone comb, so that today we see them in their most well-known and widespread form: flowers, butterflies and birds (they differ according to the season, holidays , cultural event, etc.).

Kanzashi creative workshop

And since patience, care and attention are very good, I thought to embellish my free time and passion for Japanese culture with some kanzashi jewels . Where? At a creative workshop, right here in Bucharest. Nothing was more fitting than this gift, which I dedicated to myself, in honor of my soul already contaminated by Japanese values.