Invitatie la dans sau…provocare la dans?

Invitation to the dance: the fear of balls

Do you still remember the first parties/balls you were invited to and the drama of the girls who didn't get one dance invitation ? Of course you still remember... 😉 Whether you were the popular girl or the class nerd, you waited with bated breath to receive an invitation to the dance from that boy... After all, we have received at least one dance invitation throughout our existence and, although this custom is not very popular anymore, it is possible that we will receive at least one more dance invitation from now on.

So, you have to know how to dance, whether you're spending your nights in clubs where you have to show that you have rhythm in your blood, or you're invited to a wedding or because you simply don't want to make fun of yourself when you receive an invitation to dance…

Invitation to the dance... No thanks?!

A invitation to dance it means a lot, it is an act of courage both on the part of the one who initiates the invitation and on the part of the one who accepts. A "No, thank you" is an unacceptable answer for an invitation to dance, if you really don't have a valid reason for refusing.

So, what do you do if you find yourself face to face with an invitation to the dance, which does not delight you at all? Personally, I follow the code of good manners only in the following situations: the individual who initiates the invitation is excessively sweaty, in an advanced state of intoxication or looks at me much too insistently, to the despair of the young lady he came with. Many times it is even possible for the three situations to merge leading to a big but polite refusal.

But for anything invitation to dance done in an elegant manner, without alcohol or sweat (although it may hide sentimental interests), it is nice to have an affirmative answer.

Invitation to dance and wooden legs

invitatie la dans

Well, an invitation to dance made out of wooden legs will definitely impress you only in a comical way, so it's good that, in addition to the rhythm, you also know a few dance steps. You can have the rhythm in your blood, of course, but someone has to show you the movements. 😉

Because I'm probably not the only one who went through an embarrassing situation by stepping on the one who invited her to the dance, I'll confess that for some time now I've been thinking more and more seriously about taking dance lessons. And I have a few dances in mind that it would honestly be interesting to master as much as possible, namely: waltz, tango, rock'n'roll, swing, Cuban salsa and, a dream older than mine, contemporary dance. In what order I will learn them remains to be seen, but surely after I master them all it will become really difficult to refuse an invitation to dance.