Intrebari pentru oracol: amintiri haioase din anii de scoala

Questions for the oracle - A word of beginning

That's what the first of many sounds like questions for the oracle , from the many oracles that I completed in general school, but there were also more...poetic versions, such as " lemon green sheet, let's get to know each other ", of course along with the inevitable drawings with hearts or pictures with Leonardo DiCaprio (a kind of modern-day Johnny Deep). And then there was an interrogation...detailed.

"What zodiac sign are you?", "What food do you like?", "What is your favorite movie?", were just some of the curiosities of the owner of the oracle, which I quickly passed over to get to the "delight" of the oracle, that is, questions like "When did you kiss for the first time?", "Who do you like in class?", "How do you see the perfect boy/girl?" or "Describe yourself in 3 words".

And the answers...the answers were really funny: "I'll leave that to the appreciation of others" or "It remains for you to discover". Well...that's what originality means! 😉

Questions for the oracle and the memory at the end

When the question section for the oracle ended, the "Memories" section came last. Do you still remember her? Full of clippings from magazines, glitter and poems like " Walking after chamomile/ I found a note/ And on the note it was written/ Colleague don't forget me " or " How does the deer want/ cold water from the spring/ That's what I wish for you/ Happiness in the future ". Everything ended, of course, with the already famous lines:

"Goodbye is a short word/ And full of pain

I'm not saying goodbye/ But goodbye!".

One thing I know for sure: you had to have the most beautiful memory, it was a sign of appreciation for the owner of the oracle but also of distinction for you: a really hard task! How many assignments were done in a hurry to draw another heart on a friend's oracle or to answer questions for the oracle...

The other day I found such an oracle around the house and I was deeply amused, spending several tens of minutes reading answers to such questions for the oracle and marveling at the conception I had about love, being children. There were real dramas and love stories and there were secrets hidden in glued corners, marked with "Danger!" "Secret" or skeleton heads. Serious business, no joke! 😀

Questions for the oracle or pools on facebook

I am very curious if there are still children who have oracles and who are completed with such passion "as in my time". Today, the Facebook account is becoming a must from younger and younger ages, and information about music, movie or game preferences is posted without being asked by anyone (even relationship status is no longer a secret), there are no more answers to questions for the oracle...

We know everything about everyone but, in fact, we know nothing; everyone is our friend and, at the same time... none of them.

When was the last time you did a really interesting activity with your friends, be it a sport or an adventure in the mountains? Don't you think it's about time? 😉

What other things from the oracles do you remember?