Imaginea din oglinda: ce vezi cand te privesti?

The image in the mirror and the reality... in front of her

The time we spend daily in front of the mirror is not a sign of narcissism, but it can also be one of insecurity, of dissatisfaction with the image of our own person in the mirror. But the image in the mirror , most of the time, does not reflect the truth...especially when the mirror is not the one in your own bathroom. For example, many clothing stores "trick" our eyes and distort our image in the mirror for the purpose of sales, of course.

It is no coincidence that in a store you can look great in a pair of jeans and in the mirror at home... less satisfactory, because many retailers use special mirrors to make us grow in our own eyes and buy as much as possible . And then you get angry at the image in the mirror, you get angry at yourself and, without realizing it, you move away from the essence of your own person. Stop it! Look carefully again: is that all you see in the mirror?

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. (Aesop)

The image in the mirror - two-dimensional?

Theoretically, yes. In this society led by image and spectacle, what is behind the curtains no longer has any significance; if it is not exposed, strident, intrusive... it is not important.

But, beyond the lock of hair that doesn't sit well or the dark circles that are too deep after a hard night, have you ever looked deep into your eyes? Who are you and what defines you? What else makes you special compared to others besides the color of your eyes and the arrangement of your moles? How well do you know yourself, how well do you understand each other and how easily do you communicate with yourself? The image in the mirror should transcend the two-dimensional status and, when we look at it, remind us of who we really are.

When I look carefully in the mirror, I see the people I love, the wonderful moments spent with them, my passions, the few good deeds, my dreams and fears, the attempts to overcome them, the hopes for the future and the intention to take advantage of every day and erase any trace of regret from my soul. I see my past with everything it meant and what it left in my soul and I see the that I know will be special. I will do my best.

The image in the mirror – the stranger or friend in front of you

And you don't have to dislike the one in front of you, because he is the work of your own deeds. His serene look is the result of your attempts to make him smile every day and to give him wonderful experiences, and the wrinkle on his forehead is the result of your complacency in a life with only two coordinates - the place of work and... the place of sleep . Free yourself from the image in the mirror and try everything that life offers you beautifully and help those around you to do this by giving them and thus, giving you happiness too!