Esti un geniu, dar esti…Einstein?

Do you think you are a genius? Tell that to...Einstein!

If you ask someone to tell you the name of a genius, the chances are 90% that he will pronounce the name of Albert Einstein. Thanks to his revolutionary concepts, Einstein won his well-deserved place in our minds, next to the word genius . But apart from valve hair and E=mc², the truth is that we don't know much about it. And because it's Friday and we need to relax after a hard week, I suggest we learn a few things about the man Albert Einstein. No one will tell you "You are a genius!" after that, you will certainly be able to use the information for a "small talk"...intelligent. ;)

Are you a genius and you don't know anything about Einstein?!

Then it would be good to prick up your ear, or widen your eyes:

1 . Until the age of 9, Einstein encountered serious speech problems, having difficulty expressing himself and formulating sentences in his mind before speaking, in order to speak as correctly as possible. The parents were so worried that they even came to believe that little Einstein suffered from a disability. But, as it turned out later, speech problems are very common in the childhood of brilliant individuals, Thomas Sowell naming the disorder, in one of his books, Einstein's Syndrome.

2. The relationship with his wife, Mileva Maric, with whom he had two children - Hans Alberta and Eduard - was a really strange one. After long attempts to solve the marital problems, mainly caused by the quick-witted nature of the genius and the frequent trips for academic purposes, the two resorted to an at least bizarre contract.

esti un geniu

The conditions imposed by Einstein were the following:

  1. You will make sure that the clean clothes and those that need to be washed are in order.
  2. You will make sure that I will receive the three meals in the room, every day.
  3. You will take care that my bedroom and study room are kept clean and especially that my office is used only by me.
  4. We will stop any personal relationship, to the extent that this is not absolutely necessary, for social reasons.
  5. You will stop talking to me at my request.

3. Einstein's brain was kept in a bowl for 43 years in the home of Thomas Stolts Harvey, the pathologist who performed the autopsy in 1955 (the year of Einstein's death).

Harvey did this without informing the family, but it gave Einstein's son the opportunity to study his father's brain. Hans Albert did this, sending pieces of the brain to researchers from all over the world, who discovered many peculiarities during the studies.

Other curiosities about Einstein:

- No one knows what Einstein's last words were, because they were spoken in German, and the nurse who cared for him did not know German.

- When Israel became a state after the Second World War, Einstein was proposed to become president, but he refused on the grounds that he did not want trouble...

- At some point in his life, he stopped wearing socks, noticing that his big toe was piercing all his socks.

- Although he had one of the most admired minds, Einstein was never endowed with the memory of an elephant. It is said that he often forgets the birthdays of his wife and children, and could even often be seen walking around Princeton in the afternoon because he could not remember where he lived.

You're a genius, but you're not Einstein, are you?!

Now that you've enriched your mind with some curiosities about Einstein, it's time to think about what you're going to do this weekend. You don't have to be Einstein to have fun, luckily.