E ziua mea, zi frumoasa ca mine…

There comes a morning of the year when we say: "Today. Yes, today is my birthday!"

There are and I have met people who desperately want, on their birthday, to stop time and forget the number of years that have already passed in the diary of life. I can't and will never understand this generalized, obsessive and torturous tendency to cry, to whine about old age: "Wow! I've aged another year!" And so?! We all suffer from this. It is natural, natural and irreversible. Every age has its beauties!

There is another current that accompanies the topic: It's my birthday! The one of loneliness. I shudder every time I hear young people, on the eve of their anniversary, that they want to spend their birthday alone, without family, friends, without phone calls or e-mails with good wishes. Um! What to understand? Like a crazed wolf, right? It would be good for them if they would reconstitute their attitude and get out of these false depressive phases.

A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age.

It's my birthday! And I enjoy her as much as I can!

As for me, when it's my birthday, I feel very good. I like to hear the phone ringing all the time. I like those wishes received earlier on my birthday from old and distant friends, schoolmates, who knew precisely the month and not the day... I like flowers received in huge bouquets; not one thread, three or five. I like text messages with simple messages: "Happy birthday!" and so. Without lexical laces. But I get excited after the handwriting in the greeting cards.

If it's my birthday, it's also the day of gifts for the memory of my soul

On the anniversary of my birthday, I try as much as possible to gather all my friends, feel close to them and spend beautiful moments together, beautiful moments converted into gifts.

This is where I also include those time sequences that I record and dedicate entirely to myself...

At 19, me and the seagulls let ourselves be disturbed by the beauty of a sunrise. At 10 p.m. I ended the day on the terrace of a Greek tavern watching the stunning sunset, and at 11 p.m. we got into arguments with a guy who was taking up too much space in my dance area. Now my soul mate is declared ;)…

Three years later we were enjoying our morning coffee above an endless ocean of fluffy clouds.

do you see It's about such gifts, about those memories... with "I've been there and done that" . Not about clothes, which I can also take, not about plush toys or ornamental objects, which we quickly get bored of and forget in a corner of the closet to cover them with dust... People and moments.

It's my birthday ! And it's enough for me to be happy!