Despre relatii de dragoste: 13 lucruri pe care nu le stiai

About love relationships, in a funny key...

All the time we see articles about how you overcome problems in love relationships, how you make him/her fall in love with you, what are the ingredients of a lasting relationship... Well, today I thought let's stop talking about the unpleasant or problematic parts of one love relationships , but about the funniest ones and thus I made a list with some less... known aspects. Enjoy!

Love relationships - curiosities

- 65% of lovers turn their heads more often to the right, not to the left, when kissing their partner... Are you one of them? 😀

- 2/3 of those hit by Cupid's arrow claim that they fell in love with a person they have known for a long time and not... at first sight.

- What most often determines love relationships at work is... proximity.

- It seems that we should go out with 12 people before choosing a long-term partner, to increase the chances of finding "the perfect match". Also, it seems that we fall in love, on average, 7 times before we get married. This should give you some… counting! 😉

- 1 out of 5 lasting love relationships started when one of the partners was involved... in another relationship. Also, it seems that we wait for between 6 and 8 dates to pass before we dedicate ourselves exclusively to a relationship.

- The personalities of the people who form a couple become more and more similar with the passage of time.

- Attention, gentlemen! Men who use to kiss their wives in the morning, before leaving for work, have a higher life expectancy of about 5 years! 😀

- The custom of wearing the wand on the fourth finger of the left hand is due to an ancient Egyptian belief according to which the "Vena Amoris" passes through the ring, the vein of love that leads directly to the heart.

- When a man is considered attractive by a woman, she looks at him with her head slightly tilted, as the cat looks... the mouse. 😉

- When we are in love and look at the person who fascinated us, our pupils dilate considerably. Here is a clear proof of love! Likewise, when we look at a person with dilated pupils, our pupils also dilate, an aspect fully exploited in advertising posters.

- It seems that most divorces happen around the fourth year of marriage because, after this period, a marriage stabilizes strongly. As for "undocumented" love relationships, the breakup is most likely to occur somewhere between 3 and 5 months.

- In general, men marry women 3 years younger than them.

- It seems that, when we are abandoned by our partner, in the first period of loneliness we love him more than during the relationship... Oh, the irony!

Love relationships, beyond declarations

So here is what is hidden behind the two words that are so easy/difficult to say, depending on gender. With the hope that you had fun reading these few lines, I wish you a day full of love! 😉

And..if you want to help maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship, don't hesitate to offer gift experiences for couples .