De ce multe defecte umane pot fi… veritabile calitati!

Human defects or... the greatest qualities?

Before transforming, as if by magic, many of the main human flaws into qualities, I will remind you of a story that you most likely heard from your grandparents when you were... lame:

There was once an old woman who carried two large vessels around her neck tied to the ends of a stick, from the spring to home, day after day... except that one of the vessels was cracked. And, because he always arrived home with only a bowl and a half of water, the cracked bowl confessed to the woman that he feels so ashamed of the fact that because of his imperfection the water leaks on the way home. Hearing this, the woman revealed to him, in a warm voice, the real reason why it was not replaced by another jug: the part of the road where the water ran was always full of flowers, and these flowers brought a touch of happiness to her little house humiliate

Recognized human flaws, half... qualities

From already trivial questions in an interview to self-confessions, many situations put us face to face with our main flaws and, most of the time, they sound something like this: "I'm too nervous", "I'm too demanding" , "I'm too lazy", "I'm too sensitive" or, on the contrary, "I'm not sociable/strong/brave/ambitious enough". But all these human "flaws", viewed from another angle, can become truly precious qualities: if you consider yourself nervous, maybe this aspect hides a passionate nature, and if you recognize your "shortcomings", maybe you are too...modest. 🙂

What I am trying to illustrate is the fact that many of our "weaknesses" can be turned into strengths, if we know how to recognize them and how to approach them.

Human flaws that make us perfect!

And instead of letting these flaws demoralize us and undermine our confidence in our own strengths, we should take them in hand and shape them, transform them into aspects that make us better and wiser. Or, if these defects are less "serious", let's not bother them... because they can be the ones that make us special!

In conclusion, let's change what we can change and then love and accept ourselves as we are. Each of us is beautiful in our own way. 🙂

A wonderful day!