Cele mai tari 50 de activitati de primavara

Even if you don't get tired of staying at home and watching series on Netflix from the comfort of your favorite couch, spring is the only season that can make you change your mind. After the dark and cold months of winter, spring represents a new beginning and the joy that the beautiful weather and the sun offer you.

Preparing brand new spring recipes or practicing outdoor hobbies are two of the excellent ways to feel fresh, renewed and full of energy after many months spent at home. Although it can be easy to find things that you like to do, it can be more difficult to find activities that will make those around you happy, whether we are talking about the family or the group of friends.
Maybe your partner always likes to go outdoors, and you prefer to enjoy the warmer weather at home, with the windows open. Perhaps one of your children likes group activities, while another prefers to play alone. With a little creativity, however, you can find spring crafts, seasonal recipes and activities that you can plan for all family members, so that you can provide fun for everyone.

Whether you are preparing your calendar of spring activities right now, or simply daydreaming about something you will do after the coldest and darkest days of winter, it never hurts to make plans ahead of time. Below are 50 ideas about what you can do this spring, which include something for everyone.

1. Cook something sweet

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Sometimes the best spring day can mean opening all the windows, playing your favorite music and taking out the flour, butter and sugar to bake some incredible treats. It can be a fun and rewarding activity, regardless of age.

2. Create tie-dye t-shirts

Nothing says 'spring' more loudly and boldly than tie-dye prints, so why not try taking an old white t-shirt or sweatshirt and have fun with the little ones creating gorgeous colorful patterns with a tie kit -dye? It's a great excuse to hang out and you'll have a blast!

3. He plays basketball

When was the last time you played a friendly basketball game? Go with your family to a nearby field and get ready for an intense and fun game, either classic basketball or basketball, inventing different prizes for the winners. Not only will you have a great time, but the time spent in the fresh spring air will be beneficial for everyone.

4. Go to a local library

If you or someone in your family has made a New Year's resolution to read more, spring is the perfect time to go to a local library and get a library membership, if you don't already have one. It's a low-cost activity that can be almost as fun as going book shopping. If you have an early spring with cold weather, this activity will be perfect.

5. Water activities in the yard

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where spring is extremely hot, you can consider installing some water fun options in your yard. Sometimes nothing is more fun than an inflatable sprinkler, regardless of the ages of the family members!

6. Kayaking

A trip to the water on a warm and sunny day can be one of the best ways to celebrate spring. In addition, it is an excellent form of physical activity, with low impact, which the whole family can enjoy. No matter where you live, there is almost certainly a river, pond or lake that will be ideal for a fun and interactive outdoor activity.

7. Make wind chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent and fun addition to a newly planted spring garden, and if you decide to make such items as a family, fun will be guaranteed for everyone.

8. Roll out

An outing with rollerblades or rollerblades can be a fun alternative to cycling, hiking or walking. In addition, it is also an activity that you can do with your family or alone, depending on the type of experience you want.

9. Discover new hiking trails

If you've been hiking on the same old trails all fall and winter, spring can be the ideal opportunity to find new trails. You can search online for more difficult trails for an adults-only outing, but also for easier trails with fun features (perhaps even waterfalls) that you can try with younger family members or even pets.

10. Take a pottery class

Spring can be an excellent time to start a new hobby or to try a pleasant and interesting course. Whether you want to try this on your own for a date night, or you want to take the kids along, it can be a fun and rewarding experience to learn all about ceramics.

11. Build birdhouses

This is another craft activity that can bring the whole family together and that will help you decorate your garden. You can build birdhouses with a kit that you can find online at affordable prices, and at the end you can vote for the most creative, unique and beautiful houses, to add a little adrenaline to the activity.

12. Try golf

Golf may seem boring at first glance, but after just a lesson or two it may even seem fun. And finally, you can have fun even without lessons. Who doesn't love driving a golf cart? Challenge your family to a match and enjoy the beautiful weather at the beginning of the season.

13. Create chalk art on asphalt

Invest in some white and colored chalk and decorate your sidewalk in a fun activity, ideal for outdoor fun on a perfect spring day. You will be a hit and you will most likely bring smiles to the neighbors' faces. In addition, because it is spring, there is every chance that the rain will wash away the drawings relatively quickly.

14. Find outdoor art exhibitions

You would be surprised how many exhibitions or art shows you can find outdoors. Do some research on the options in your area and plan a day out for the whole family. If you want to make the experience more educational, read something about the artist or artists, or about the type of art and then discuss these topics.

15. Plan a museum tour

Tours and visits to museums are an excellent way to ensure an excellent and educational activity for the spring. They are also a great way to get out of the house on a rainy day and enjoy being with the family without having to stay indoors.

16. Go to a zoo

Spring often offers the perfect weather to go visit a zoo. Plus, it's a surprisingly good way to get exercise. If your family doesn't do sports or hiking, walking through the zoo can be an educational way to exercise during the day.

17. Organize a picnic

Put the family's favorite drinks, snacks and games in a basket and set up in the backyard or in a local park on the first beautiful day of spring. If you want a romantic evening at the picnic, take a bottle of champagne and your favorite playlist, leave the kids at home and go spend wonderful moments together.

18. Go to a drive-in movie theater

Drive-in movie nights can be chilly in the winter, but spring is a great time to enjoy a movie under the stars. Take your favorite snacks, a comfortable blanket and you will have a perfect date or a wonderful family outing.

19. Film projection in the yard

If you prefer to stay at home (but still enjoy the beautiful spring weather), install a projector in the yard and enjoy your own outdoor cinema. Comfortable beds and delicious snacks are also part of the fun, of course.

20. Organize a "First Day of Spring" party

Nothing is better than a first day of spring that feels like that. It's the day when you can finally wear short sleeves and enjoy a glass of wine or iced tea outside, in the sun. And then, why not celebrate this day? Tell your loved ones that the first day of spring will be a day of celebration, gather at home and enjoy the warm weather, making plans for how you can make the most of the coming season.

21. Volunteer in a community garden...

Spending time in the garden is one of the best parts of spring, if you like growing your own flowers, fruits or vegetables. If you don't have the space at home, however, volunteering at a local community garden is a great way to give back to your neighbors and spend some fun time being active with your hands in the soft soil.

22. ... or create your own garden at home

And if you are a beginner in gardening, the sooner you can plan your home garden, the better! The best part? Gardening at home means that you will have something to look forward to throughout the season and even in other seasons. Buy some seeds and gardening accessories ahead of time to be ready to make the most of the planting season.

23. Walk the dogs from a local shelter

If you don't have dogs at home (or even if you do), volunteering to walk dogs from a local shelter or get involved with an animal rescue can be an incredibly rewarding experience—and a great way to exercise while spending time with a furry friend.

24. Organize an Easter egg hunt

If you celebrate Easter, organize an outdoor Easter egg hunt at your home or participate in such an event with the whole family. If it is not an option, choose some other Easter crafts and activities to do at home.

25. Pick your own bouquet of flowers

Everyone loves flowers, but did you know that there are farms that allow you to make your own bouquet? This activity can be especially fun for the family, as well as a great opportunity to take photos for Instagram. If you want it to be an experience that you will always remember, you can hire a photographer to take some family photos.

26. Go to a local farmers market

A visit to a local farmer's market can be a great way to get local fruits and vegetables in season, but it's also a fun activity that combines fresh air and fresh food, and it'll also be a way to give something back. back to your community.

27. Have breakfast on the beach

A coffee on the beach can be the pinnacle of relaxation, so why not do it on a spring day? If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, take a few thermoses of coffee with you and go watch the sunrise on the seashore. At that time, you have every chance not to catch congestion on the road or on the beach, but it will be warm enough to feel comfortable.

28. A day of family games

Bring the best family games you have to the yard for a day of outdoor games for the whole family. Take with you snacks, umbrellas and other fun accessories to make the day extra special.

29. Go for a bike ride

Nothing will make you feel fresher and more energetic than fresh air and a bike ride in the spring. Choose a super sunny day to get on the bike with your partner or the whole family and exercise as much as you want!

30. Go to an arts and crafts fair

Art and craft fairs can be a fun outing for both adults and children. In addition, they are usually organized outdoors, which will help you enjoy fresh air and relaxation.

31. Organize a family run

Choose to organize such an event only with families who like to be active. It will be a fun challenge, which you can choose to do even on the last day of spring, so that you have the whole season at your disposal to train! You could even make t-shirts and medals to keep the memory of this day and a "real" race.

32. Create an outdoor restaurant at your home

If you are used to having dinner at the kitchen table, change things and create a restaurant in the backyard or on the veranda, with the perfect setting for the table, with menus, "waiters" and music.

33. Happy Hour on the waterfront

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a glass of good and cold drink, if you do it on the edge of a water. Find a nearby lake, pond, sea, ocean, bay or any other body of water and enjoy a bottle of wine or some cocktails with your loved one to make the date more interesting.

34. Look at the sunrise

Find the best place in your area to watch the sunrise or sunset and take a trip with the whole family to enjoy an unforgettable moment together. It's a great way to end a trip, so you can also fit it into the physical activity category (if you want, of course).

35. Go on a trip by car

When was the last time you piled everyone in the car and went to see a local antique shop, a tourist attraction or a beautiful view? Sometimes, just hitting the road can seem like an adventure, and the warmer weather means more options.

36. Visit a historical site

You would be surprised how many historical sites and attractions you can find within a short driving distance. Maybe there's even a museum or other historical site that you've been meaning to visit, but you just haven't had the time. Well, now is the time!

37. Make a barbecue in the yard

Cooking outside is one of the best parts of spring. Fill the grill with fresh local vegetables or your favorite burger recipe and enjoy the experience with the whole family.

38. Play with inflatable objects in the yard

A Slip 'N Slide in warm weather is a fantastic idea. It will be fun for children, adults and practically for any age... In addition, it will be a perfect and nostalgic way to celebrate that the warmer and sunnier weather has finally arrived.

39. Throw a mini-party outdoors

If you like to socialize outdoors, spring is a wonderful time to meet your neighbors. Host a mini-party and invite the neighbors to come eat, drink and enjoy with you. You can even organize games and activities for children, so that everyone has fun.

40. Hot chocolate, games and movie

Spring evenings can be quite chilly, so why not try to organize an evening with hot chocolate and maybe even some board games? It's an excellent activity, which you can complete later with watching movies in the backyard.

41. An evening of wine and painting

There are a lot of DIY painting tutorials on YouTube, so it's quite easy to prepare a wine and painting evening at home, if you plan a little ahead of time. Buy paint, canvases and of course, a good wine and invite your partner or friends to join you for an evening of art, drink and fun under the stars.

42. A virtual dance class

Another activity that is relatively easy to do outdoors (if you have a room) is a dance class. If you and your loved one have been talking lately about a salsa class, why not take it now? The backyard can be your dance floor, and to learn the moves you can always find a tutorial on YouTube or a virtual course.

43. Organize a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts can be fun for all ages and are easy to adapt to the environment, whether you're doing them in a local park, in your backyard, or around the neighborhood. They are wonderful to get the children out of the house and to help them move and at the same time put their minds to work.

44. Visit the local Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens can be fun for all ages and, of course, are especially beautiful in the spring. Go to the local botanical garden and buy tickets to enjoy moments full of fun and useful learning as a family.

45. Create an obstacle course in the yard

If your family is overflowing with energy, maybe it's time to create an obstacle course in the yard. You can also include board games and intelligence games in this activity, for a little variation.

46. ​​Try some science experiments in the garden

Science experiments that tend to get a bit messier and messier are a perfect springtime activity that you can do outdoors. They are also a great way to get kids less interested in sports out in the fresh air. Search online for some science experiments for kids and you can plan a whole day of outdoor science.

47. Host a spring-themed book club

Do you like to read? Do you like being in nature? Why not try creating a book club on the theme of spring? It's the perfect excuse to get lost in a book and spend some time outdoors. In addition, you could organize such a book club for each season.

48. Go to a local sporting event

Whether you're a fan of a particular team or not, it's always fun to take the whole family with you to a sporting event. Search for some local football or basketball games and see if you can find tickets for this spring's games.

49. Find cherry blossoms and go to admire them

In many parts of the world, spring means cherry blossoms - and cherry blossoms really are a sight worth admiring. Find the nearest location with cherry blossoms and schedule a trip to marvel at their beauty as a family.

50. Organize an outdoor spring cleaning session

You probably already know what spring cleaning is, but can't you extend it to the backyard as well? And the garage? Or maybe at the storage shed? Organize an outdoor spring cleaning session and clean up all the leaves, debris or other mess left over from previous seasons. Put some music on the speakers and prepare a sweet treat for the end of the working day, to make things a little more fun.