Cele mai frumoase povesti de dragoste ale tuturor timpurilor

Extreme passion, desire, suffering, obstacles, duels, intrigues and controversies, romance - these are some of the ingredients that have left their mark irrevocably on the history of humanity, through the most beautiful love stories of all time.

The most beautiful love stories...

Love stories that transcend time, full of passion, emotion and turmoil, mythological characters, emperors, kings, queens, presidents, legends of the screen, artists, politicians and a red thread that connects all these stories: love.

Today I propose to you, dear Internet reader, to recall together some of the great proofs of all times, literary or non-literary, that love can mean more than its daily, tabloidized version. And because it's bitterly cold outside, I invite you to go back in time and read together some of the most beautiful love stories of all time... Maybe this way we'll warm up a little, at least our souls.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony

The controversial story between the queen of Egypt and the Roman general Mark Antony is one of the most beautiful love stories in history, but also one of the most controversial. Being on the throne of Egypt, Clepatra tries to make the general Mark Antony an ally, as Caesar had been before. The meeting in 41 BC, in which Cleopatra manages to seduce the general, remains legendary.

The 20-century-old story was made possible after the death of Caesar, who entrusted the throne of Egypt to Cleopatra (and with whom he had a child). After the assassination of Caesar, Cleopatra was forced to negotiate her position with Mark Antony, the descendant of the great leader. But a great love story was born from the political alliance, which scandalized the Romanians, who were increasingly worried about the fact that Mark Antony was neglecting his duties as a leader, being under the spell of the charming Egyptian queen...

Defeated in the sea battle of Actium and receiving false news that his beloved Cleopatra had committed suicide, Antonius ends his days, throwing himself on his sword. Left alone in front of the Roman army, which sought to conquer Egypt and learning of the general's death, Cleopatra committed suicide, letting herself be bitten by two poisonous snakes.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais

Another passionate love story with a tragic ending. The two have been in love since the time when Napoleon was just a soldier in the French army, and Josephine was a 32-year-old widow, the mother of two children. The two get married in 1796, and shortly after, Napoleon goes on several military expeditions.

Left alone, Josephine has several affairs that her husband forgives her, after long pleas from them. However, Napoleon divorces Josephine, due to the fact that she fails to provide him with an heir. In 1809, the emperor married an 18-year-old young woman, who gave him the much-desired son. But the separation from Josephine brings his military career into decline, being exiled to the island of Elba five years later. In 1815, Napoleon escapes, but learns that Josephine had died because of suffering in love .

Romeo and Juliet

Probably the most famous and beloved love story of all time, the story between Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare has come to define true love.

The tragic and well-known love story between the two young men belonging to rival families, Montague and Capulet, moved and disturbed entire generations of romantics, and still touches the souls of many, even in these times very little touched by romance and the knowledge of the notion of sacrifice in the name of love.

Ulysses and Penelope

Few couples have understood sacrifice like these two characters from Greek mythology. In love with the beautiful Penelope, Odysseus takes her as his wife, but the outbreak of the Trojan War separates the two for a very long period of time, almost 20 years...

However, Penelope refuses the 108 marriage proposals, and Ulises refuses on his way home to give himself to a beautiful witch, who offers him infinite love and eternal youth - all this to be together again.

In the category "The most beautiful love stories", we also find other famous names:

Tristan and Isolde Othello and Desdemona Lancelot and Guinevere Hamlet and Ophelia Orpheus and Eurydice Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler Jane Eyre and Rochester Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ... and the list goes on and on. I say that it is worth re-reading all these stories and trying to understand their meaning, as much as our hearts allow... ;)