Cele mai frumoase cadouri de 1 martie

March 1st gifts: let's celebrate the arrival of spring properly

March 1 or Martisorul, the holiday that every year brings smiles on our lips, martissores in our chests and... spring - at least in our hearts - is by far one of the most beautiful and joyful days of the year.

Even if the streets of the cities will probably still be "seasoned" with mountains of blackened snow that do not offer us a particularly picturesque or spring landscape, the joy of the day comes from our eyes, from the fragrance of the flowers that we are preparing to offer, from the red string of the martisor that we were wearing or preparing to give and from all the other March 1st gifts with which we will surprise our loved ones.

What March 1 gifts do we offer?...

...besides the traditional martisor, normal? Well, the easiest way to solve the dilemma of suitable gifts is to relate to the meaning of the day we are celebrating. In the present case, we are celebrating, as I said, the arrival of spring. Even if we don't throw away the husks yet, we have to enjoy the meaning of the day: the rebirth of nature. And how better can we celebrate this than in nature?!

The most beautiful gifts on March 1 are, therefore, those that send us to nature, where we can observe the first signs, however small, that spring is preparing to set in. Even if the departure is not fixed on March 1, you can celebrate Martisorul away from the bustle of the city, with a romantic weekend with your loved one, spent in a corner of nature.

I don't guarantee that you will see how shy the snowdrop looks, but at least you will be able to enjoy the first slightly warmer rays of the new season, far from the tall buildings that...shadow your joy.

March 1 gifts: Let spring begin!

There are only a few more days and we will enjoy, I hope, a friendlier sun, or if not, at least more smiling faces that will warm us with their light. In anticipation of Martisor and the wonderful gifts we will receive and, of course, give, I wish you many sunny days!