Ce isi doresc femeile de martisor. Parerea mea.

What do women want on March 1?

Well, here is a day when I am very happy to be part of the representatives of the fairer sex! And not because today I will receive small colorful objects, finer or more ostentatious, which I will most likely pass on (raise your hand who has never "recycled" a martisor!), but because I won't have to to buy martisoare for (all) the women in my life, be they relatives, colleagues or friends.

If, on the other hand, you are a man... the situation gets complicated. Especially if you don't know what women really want from a man.

So, what do women want on the first day of spring?

As I was saying, if you are a gentleman and you left today 15 minutes earlier to visit the "martisoare" stalls that have already filled the big cities, hoping to surprise the women in your life, you probably- you realized that the symbolic gesture you were thinking of is likely to empty your wallet. Why? For the simple fact that the term "martisor" (" A small decorative object tied with a braided thread, red and white, which is offered as a gift as a sign of the arrival of spring, especially to women and girls, on March 1 ", ) seems to have a completely different meaning for traders.

More precisely, it can be found in the form of a vase, the diploma "for the best mother-in-law/mother-in-law/neighbor", beads, stockings, trinkets, candles, pillows, tablecloths, icons, ashtrays, bowls and their derivatives. In fact, if you look carefully, you can also see a thread of martisor, most often attached to a glass brooch like a lamppost. No, our dears, this is not what women want on March 1st! With strict exceptions, of course...

What women want to feel loved

First of all, remember that today is the time to be pampered! And not with gablonturi, but with smiles, compliments... and a little flower. No, we don't want roses, carnations, lilies, but only a bouquet of snowdrops or a hyacinth to cheer up our office and be proof that spring has come!

You will also receive a martisor (I emphasize: martisor !), as fine and delicate as possible, a love note or a cookie/chocolate/candy (be sweet!) decorated, of course, with string. So, stop worrying about what women want today. The answer is simple: small proofs of love!