Cateva curiozitati din lume legate de familie

Curiosities from the world about family customs

Customs and traditions are those things that define us as different nations, leave their mark on us as individuals of a certain nationality and, last but not least, arouse the curiosity of those outside the borders of the country or region in which we live.

Today I would like to cast a curious eye over the borders of the country and enjoy some curiosities from the world, regarding the way in which families from all over the world lead their existence.

Curiosities from the world. Bizarre things that families do in other countries

1. Argentina: family meals are more important than sleep

In this country, family mealtime is the most important moment of the day, surpassing even the importance of bedtime stories. Children of all ages constantly go out together with their parents in the city to eat, regardless of the time.

2. Polynesia - the place where parents do not play with their children

In the subcultures of this area, adults take great care of their children, but when it comes to playing, they leave them around other children, and do not get involved in playful activities.

3. Central Africa - here we find the most devoted fathers

Pygmy fathers spend more than 50% of a day taking care of their little ones. They take their children hunting, teach them to make fire, and if the babies become agitated, they even simulate the act of breastfeeding to calm them down. That's proof of devotion, isn't it?

4. France – the refined tastes of the little ones

It seems that the French are demanding when it comes to food right from the start. From cheeses with mold to clams, French babies enjoy the finest foods, giving them class to babies from other areas... 😉

5. Mayan villages - children do household chores

Those who still live in Mayan villages raise their children in the spirit of responsibility and discipline. The little ones participate in household chores, feed the animals, fetch water from the river or wash the family's clothes. The researchers even claim that they do not want to play, considering that it is better to be useful to those around them than to waste time.

6. West Africa – more adopted children than biological children

In West Africa, most families choose to adopt less fortunate children instead of caring for biological children. Here, adoption has become a real lifestyle.

What other curiosities in the world do you know?

...with reference to the family, of course.