Bucket list de aventura: 50 de idei si lucruri nebunesti de facut

No bucket list, be it travel or life in general, will be complete without a few points that seem a little crazy and even dangerous. And if you feel the need to make an adventure bucket list, dedicated exclusively to the craziest and most adrenaline-filled activities, below is a list of the craziest and most adventurous things that you can do and that can give you great ideas from which to start. Some of these may seem easy, while others scare you just thinking about them.

1. Boat ride over a swamp with crocodiles

Because if something goes wrong with this activity, then it will go tragically wrong, boating in a swamp with crocodiles has rightly won the top spot in everyone's adventure bucket list! You can think, however, that instead of being dangerous, it will be mega-thrilling fun and you will most likely see some alligators. Do some serious research beforehand, to find the best tour for your "nerves".

2. Travel with the aircraft carrier

Some places in the world, such as the private islands in the Maldives, can only be accessed by aircraft carrier that will take off and land on the water.
Plan to visit an island or a similar location with this activity in mind and you will find that you can add an extra thrill to your trip.

3. Jumping with a wing suit

This activity is clearly reserved for those who are looking for the craziest bucket list ideas. You will put on a wingsuit, you will climb on the edge of a very high point - for example somewhere in the Alps, where this sport is extremely popular - and then you will jump! The goal is to fly easily to the ground, with the help of a suit with sleeves and straps, but it is quite a dangerous sport to try and master.

4. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a classic bucket list idea for any daredevil. You can try this sport almost anywhere in the world, and if you are an extremely adventurous person, you can do it in places where the surrounding nature is the most spectacular to look at, because you will jump from a very high point, attached to a large elastic cord.

5. Shark cage diving

You've probably seen them in some of the most exciting movies, but cage diving in shark waters is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, these dives are much more fun and much less dangerous than they seem in the movies, as long as you do them with a serious company. A truly unforgettable adventure, especially when you choose to do it in the best places in the world for cage diving among sharks!

6. Surfing

Although it may not be the craziest thing on this bucket list, you'll need some practice to learn to surf. And especially when you're just starting out, it's extremely exciting to see if you can successfully catch the approaching wave, or if it will catch you! The feeling you will have when you finally manage to ride the waves, after you get the hang of surfing, is a wonderful and thrilling one!

7. Jumping off the rocks

Another great activity to add to your list and then check off is cliff jumping. You will have to do your research ahead of time and start this journey with people who know what they are doing, but finding great places for cliff jumping is the easiest part of this activity. If you like water and are not afraid of heights, maybe you should try this activity!

8. Wreck diving

The sea is vast and full of treasures that can be explored, as are the wrecks. This is not only an adventurous and memorable activity, but also requires a lot of practice and you need to master real diving skills before trying to go this way. But once you get the hang of it, wreck diving can be a dream come true!

9. Breasts pulled by dogs

Although the cold weather may not be among your favorites, it is undeniable that the winter scenes and landscapes are absolutely spectacular, not to mention that they offer a lot of completely wonderful winter activities. Dog sledding is one of the most family-friendly adventures, but that doesn't mean it's not a thrilling activity in itself, even for adults.

10. Swallowed by flames

You've probably seen shows with fakirs who swallow flames and you've always wondered how they do it and why it seems so easy for them... It's a very cool artistic act to master, especially since there are all kinds of tricks possible that you can do while swallowing flames, but it's crazy enough that you don't want to learn to do it without proper supervision from someone trained.

11. Eskimo roosting, in a kayak

"What's up?" may be the first thought that comes to mind when reading this idea, but it is a useful skill to know how to roll like an Eskimo in a kayak! Obviously, no one wants to capsize in a kayak, but you never know what will happen, so it wouldn't hurt to learn how to do this before you get into a kayak again.

12. Explore a cave

This bucket list idea could even become your next hobby! As with many other hobbies, to start exploring caves, you will have to start gradually and progress to more challenging activities. The best way to do this is to find a caving club nearby and join some easy trips like this. Even if you want to move on to exploring the caves independently, a basic rule is to never do it alone.

13. Tumbling on trampolines

We all jumped on trampolines as children, and today it is easier than ever to buy your own trampoline and install it in your yard or go to a trampoline park. But trampoline flips aren't for everyone, so a fun challenge for you might be to learn to roll upside down on the trampoline and do it whenever you feel like it!

14. Trapeze acrobats

The trapeze numbers are real shows that we have all seen at the circus and that have often left us speechless with amazement. What you didn't know is that it is perfectly possible to have your own moment of brilliance flying on the trapeze! Especially if you are afraid of heights, the idea may seem downright crazy, even in a bucket list, but luckily you can try it in a safe and supervised environment.

15. Flyboarding

In the last two years, flyboarding has really become a success among water sports lovers. It is a water sport in which the propulsion takes you into the air. The good news is that you can try this adventure in many places around the world, especially on vacations at sea, in Europe, Dubai, Egypt, Mexico. But it's not like going bananas, so you'll have to spend some time learning the basics and it will still be a real challenge to successfully complete it. Even so, it's a fun and adventurous, but relatively safe way to challenge your mind and body, if you get off to the right start!

16. Free diving for shells

You are not allowed to scuba dive to collect seashells, which makes this adventure unique. This extreme sport is especially popular in Northern California, although it can be done in other areas, but in many places it is illegal. Find a good spot, take your bathing suit and go diving!

17. Get a tattoo

Although at first glance a tattoo does not count among the craziest ideas on this list, the permanent ink on the body and the pain throughout the experience is still crazy after all! Many do it on a whim, but think twice before getting a tattoo that you'll regret in the next five minutes - especially since you'll be living with it for at least 50 years from now !

18. Bamboo raft ride

Although a ride on a bamboo raft will probably not be as exciting an adventure as rafting in rapids, it is still a wonderful and memorable adventure, unique in itself. And what else can you say that it is also ecological! You can go rafting on a bamboo raft in Jamaica and Chiang Mai in Thailand, but Yangshuo in China is probably the most famous place for it.

19. Bob

If you are looking for an exciting winter sport to try with a friend or loved one, bobsleigh is a wonderful sport. You go down narrow and icy tracks at high speed in a sled that is powered simply by gravity - what could not be adventurous and exciting about that?!

20. "fat bike" routes

Fat bikes, fat bikes, or "fat bikes" have tires so thick that they allow cycling in environments that would be difficult for a regular bike - for example, a dense forest or a snowy terrain. Which means that a fat bike will help you to take it on the side of the road and explore areas that you would otherwise have only passed by on foot, or that you would choose not to visit at all.

21. Heliboarding

Are you passionate about snowboarding and alpine skiing, and now you want an experience at another level? Get on board a helicopter to reach the more distant parts and then jump from it to ski or board down. If we're talking about crazy bucket list ideas, this one is definitely not for the faint of heart!

22. A day in a police car

Although it probably won't turn out to be as crazy an experience as it seems in the movies, it's still thrilling to get into a police car and spend a day following the officers on duty. It will definitely give you a more authentic picture of the police job than any television show or any movie could!

23. A survival weekend

This challenge can be a difficult one, especially for those fully accustomed to city life. It's not dangerous by any means, but you have to set up camp in the open and, in essence, you'll have to gather and hunt for your food. It's a great experience that makes you, in general, more resilient and resourceful in life.

24. Paragliding

Paragliding is a wonderful and adrenaline-filled way to see the surroundings from the air! In general, you will fly with an instructor attached to you and the paraglider, so although it is an extreme sport, it is by no means a very dangerous one. Of course, if you already have experience with paragliding, you can fly alone!

25. Rafting in rapids

This is the most adventurous type of rafting. Although moving on a ferry, sometimes at high speed, may seem like a dangerous activity, if you choose the right course and go with the right crew, you will not lose anything, but on the contrary, you will only gain spectacular memories! You can do this cool activity all over the world, from the USA to Turkey and from Romania to South Korea.

26. Windsurfing

To enjoy the best of both surfing and sailing at the same time, add windsurfing to your list of adventures! It is a fun and exciting activity, but also easy and safe enough to be tried even by a beginner. Since even children can start learning windsurfing, the activity can be fun for the whole family!

27. Zorbing

Even though many of us have probably not tried it yet, almost everyone has heard of zorbing, an activity in which you sit in a large, transparent globe, then roll down a hill into this globe. Basically, it can be said that if you are looking for some crazy bucket list ideas, this is an ideal one!

28. I fly with a hang glider

If paragliding isn't enough for you, it's time to increase your time in the air and go hang gliding! The hang glider is not motorized, so the movement of the glider will be controlled by you and your body. It may seem like a crazy and scary activity, but at least you'll be attached to the hang glider with a harness, so suddenly losing your grip and falling off the hang glider shouldn't be a cause for concern.

29. Kite surfing

Here is another water sport similar to surfing, which will take your adrenaline to the highest levels! You probably won't need as good skills as those needed to stand on the surfing board and face the waves, but controlling the kite in the water and in the air is a challenge in itself! You can try kite surfing on snow and land.

30. Parasailing

An alternative to paragliding, especially if you happen to be afraid of heights, is to do parasailing instead. You will float through the air with a parachute attached to you, but instead of controlling your own movement, you will be attached to a boat that will pull you through the water.

31. A paintball match

Are you looking for an activity that you can do with your friends, and which is fun and challenging at the same time? Then paintball can be an amazing choice! The goal is to shoot your opponents with guns filled with paint capsules, before they shoot you! It can be a bit painful, so dress with several layers of clothes!

32. Rappel on the mountain

It's one thing to go up the mountain, and another to go down! Both represent a challenge, and especially for those who are afraid of heights, going down the rappel can be much scarier than going up. Fighting the mountain, especially the descent, can be the next adventure you embark on.

33. Rappelling on a waterfall

Even more exciting than abseiling down a mountain will be abseiling down a waterfall. This is an extreme sport that has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, and today many tours are organized to conquer spectacular waterfalls. It is by no means an easy feat to complete, but it is a great and adventurous way to challenge yourself!

34. Rappel in the cave

If you like to explore caves, you can do it by abseiling in such a location! Because in the end you have no other way to explore a cave if it can only be accessed through an opening at the top. It's a little scarier than simply walking through a cave, but it can be a lot of fun, not to mention scenic.

35. Zip line

We couldn't have an adventure bucket list and miss the zip line! This is an extreme sport where you are attached to ropes that will take you through the air from one tree to another. The zip line has become so popular over the years that it seems like it can be tried almost anywhere, so it won't be difficult at all to check it off your list. And, although you may be on high nerves before starting, it is usually an absolutely safe activity.

36. ATV racing

Riding an ATV, whether it's close to home or on a trip, is another fun and easily accessible adventure you can add to your bucket list. If you are a beginner in this area, try to go with professionals the first time.

37. Hot air balloon flight

Traveling at altitude in a hot air balloon will give you a panoramic view of the landscapes that lie at your feet.

38. An experience in a scary roller coaster

Every large amusement park in the world has at least one roller coaster today, whose height, slope or speed can be downright wild. And many times it is a combination of all three! If you are looking for thrills, try to find the scariest roller coaster to try in continuation. And if until now you were too afraid to get on a wild roller coaster, you now have your chance to correct the "mistake"!

39. Sail on a boat

Despite the fact that it seems like a fairly peaceful activity, sailing can be surprisingly tiring and, certainly, always offers its share of challenges. If you are looking for some ideas to add to your bucket list of adventures but you are not too interested in thrills, this will be an excellent idea for your list!

40. Scuba diving

Even if your scuba diving adventure won't lead you to explore a sunken wreck, it's always a fun adventure to start after you've mastered the basics. There are many wonders to discover in the underwater world and, although you can explore some of them by snorkeling, scuba diving helps you get closer to the life forms in the depths.

41. Skydiving

We have already talked about the paraglider and its equivalent forms, but parachuting is the maximum if you want to be as high as possible in the air. It is quite a difficult hobby to start, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you have the courage and patience to do it. If it's too scary for you, you can also try an indoor skydiving experience.

42. Snowboarding

Whether you choose to go down on the board or on skis, as long as you manage to go down a snowy hill, you can check this adventure off the list. The world is full of amazing resorts with incredible slopes, so you'll probably end up going down a few of them after you get addicted to snowboarding or skiing.

43. Swimming with sea cats

Although you have to keep your distance from the sea cats that you meet in the wild, this is a fun and memorable activity that you can do on a specialized tour. It can be done in other locations, but the most famous place to swim with sea cats is Stingray City in the Cayman Islands.

44. Swimming with whale sharks

Unlike the sharks you meet when diving in caves, with whale sharks you don't have to worry about them suddenly becoming interested in your meat! Yes, they have big mouths and you will certainly be extremely afraid to enter the water with them, but the diet of these gentle creatures is based on plankton, so they will not pose any risk to you.

45. Walking on hot coals

Also known as walking through fire, walking on hot coals is not only a popular expression, it is also a real circus act type activity that can be done by trained people or people with special talents. It is possible, however, to learn to walk on hot coals, or at least to try once! It's good to do this with a qualified professional, so that you don't end up getting burned.

46. ​​Walking on the wing of the plane

Exactly as you hear, it is about walking on the wing of the plane, while the plane is in the air! Just the thought of such madness will give you goosebumps, but this type of experience is considered relatively safe, because you will have training and you will be attached to a harness all the time.

47. Geocaching adventure

All you need to go on a geocaching adventure is a GPS, which most phones nowadays have, and maybe some clothes and shoes suitable for the weather outside. If the main objective of geocaching is to find real geographical treasures in your area, this activity can easily take you to places you haven't discovered yet.

48. Skijoring

In this winter sport you will be on skis, but instead of moving using ski poles, you will be attached to a dog, or a horse or even a vehicle that will pull you forward. This sport has its origins in Norway and today it is mostly played as a competitive sport.

49. Travel on a suspension bridge

Suspension bridges are bridges in which the deck hangs from vertical braces attached to suspension cables above the deck. Even the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge theoretically belong to this category, so by going through them, you can check this idea off the list. But if you want an extra challenge and an adrenaline boost, choose a bridge like the Sidu River Bridge, for example.

50. Wrap a snake around your neck

Maybe you didn't think you would ever do this, but sometimes this opportunity can simply appear. Obviously, you shouldn't try to do this with every snake you encounter in the wild - both for your own safety and for the snake's - but it's very likely that you'll get lucky and find yourself in a situation that allows you to see what's it like to have a snake around your neck!

How many of these ideas have you already managed to complete? How many have you planned to do and how many crazy dreams have you added to the list?
Although making a bucket list may seem like a strange idea, they can provide an amazingly clear picture of all the things you want to try in life, apart from the dream job and the perfect apartment. Adventures should always be a part of your life!