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When men love and don't give up on fugitives

If you ask a hundred men what qualities they look for in a woman, you will surely get a hundred different answers. Some men love blondes. Other brunettes. Some want them tall, others petite. But if you ask the same question to a man already in a relationship, suddenly the answer becomes less superficial. Because, ladies and gentlemen who read these lines, it seems that men love women for much more than their physique (!?)

A relationship with a beautiful woman does not mean much if she is mean, selfish or excessively possessive. Beauty captures attention, but all other inner qualities are what build or destroy a relationship.

In his book, "The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave", Bob Grant, counselor in couples therapy and author of several specialized books, makes us know those feminine traits and qualities that men are absolutely crazy about , and which causes them to be faithful to the person next to them. So let's make a foray into the world of perfect women and see what we check off and what we put on the shopping list.

Men love women:

... sincere . If there is one trait that men appreciate more than anything in the world in a woman, that is sincerity. Honesty means more to a man than the representatives of the fairer sex could ever imagine. From a man's perspective, the woman he gives his heart to will have great power over him. Naturally, he can only give this amount of power to a woman he trusts, trust gained with the help of the quality I was talking about, namely honesty.

... patient . I think you have also heard the saying "Patience is a virtue". Patience is the key to a long-lasting relationship. But what does it mean to be patient in the end, you ask? Many women confuse patience with tolerance, indulgence. When we talk about patience as a virtue in a relationship, we are talking about the power to overcome small things, to smooth over small conflicts. We are not talking about patience and understanding in the case of disrespectful, abusive or... unfaithful behavior of the partner.

... good You heard right, men love good women! :) Going over the giggles of rigor, the good woman is in this case the woman characterized by kindness. Kindness means more than being nice, gentle with the man next to you. The male measures...kindness by the way you react when he makes a mistake and...sincerely regrets the mistake. When they make a mistake and feel guilty, men are extremely vulnerable. If instead of taking advantage of his vulnerability, you explain to him what exactly upset you and then forgive him, let's just say...he will love you ten times more!

... who believe in them . Men feel attracted to women who truly believe in them, in their abilities, in their talent, in their dreams. You don't have to show great enthusiasm for each of his passions and desires, you really don't need to start playing FIFA just to show him your interest in video games! Tell him that you trust him, that you are sure he can achieve everything he sets his mind to and... magical things will happen. Guaranteed!

... valuable . Men love expensive, valuable things. For this reason, they are attracted like a magnet to women who know their worth and feel good in their own skin. Even if you go through a worse period, when you don't feel the brightest, a positive, open attitude will help you capture the positive energy around you and, over time, transform it into your own positive energy. Confidence in one's own person is a quality that builds over time, we are not born with it and, although it requires sustained work, it is well worth allocating time to it. Here is a hobby that as many of us should have: reliable collectors.

And let's not forget: Men love women