3 trucuri cu cifre simple, dar haioase!

Tricks with numbers - trick your friends!

Because the weekend and the long summer evenings are approaching, perfect for hanging out with friends and with a cold beer, today I have prepared for you 3 tricks with simple numbers, but which never fail! If you don't believe me, try them! :)

3 very easy number tricks

1. Think of one more number from 1 to 10. Double the number you thought of. Add 6 to the amount obtained. Divide the result by 2. Subtract from the number obtained the number you initially thought of and the answer will invariably be 3 . 2. Think of a 3-digit number. Ex: 321 Multiply the number by 7. Multiply the result obtained by 11. Multiply the result obtained by 13. Answer: 321 321! 3.

Think of a 3-digit number. Arrange the numbers in descending order. Reverse the number obtained and then subtract it from the number obtained in step 2. Remember the result, then reverse the order of the digits and add these two numbers. The result will always be 1089.

Number tricks for tidy minds

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? The next time you go out on the town, don't forget to take a pencil and a piece of paper with you and do these tricks with numbers, simple but funny, to your friends. Have fun! :)