13 legi nescrise, dar care se aplica adesea…

Some unwritten laws...until now

Because it's Friday, and many of us are no longer in the mood to do serious things, let alone read serious things, I propose to have fun with some unwritten laws, which could be confused with Murphy's laws at any time.

So let's make fun of the trouble and read unwritten laws so... petty:

Law no. 1 : When a thing slips out of your hand, it will roll in the most inaccessible place possible.

Law no. 2 : The probability of being seen is directly proportional to the awkwardness of the gesture you make at that moment.

Law no. 3 : Any human body submerged in a bathtub taking a relaxing foam bath makes the phone ring.

Law no. 4 : The probability of meeting someone you know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with.

Law no. 5 : When you want to prove to someone that a device does not work, it will work.

Law no. 6 : If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.

Law no. 7 : If you don't feel well, make an appointment with the doctor and you will see that by the time you get to the doctor, you will already feel better. Don't make the appointment and you'll stay sick.

Law no. 8 : If you are in traffic and change lanes, the one you moved from will go faster than the one you are in.

Law no. 9 : Immediately after your hands get dirty, your nose will start to eat.

Law no. 10 : If you manage to keep calm when everyone around you is desperate... it's because you didn't fully understand the seriousness of the problem.

Law no. 11 : If, after many years, you decide and throw away something you haven't used in a long time...not even 3 days will pass and you will absolutely and urgently need exactly that object.

Law no. 12 : When you are punctual, no one will notice, but when you are only 5 minutes late, everyone will already be there, looking at the clock and sighing.

Law no. 13 : When you have to unlock the door, with your hands occupied by ten large and heavy bags... the key will be fixed in the pocket opposite the hand that you hardly freed.

These are the 13 unwritten laws promised...

... written now just to clear our foreheads. I wish you a wonderful weekend!