11 activitati uimitoare de iarna in aer liber, fara zapada!

Everyone is looking forward to experiencing all the fun outdoor winter activities. Or maybe you just recently decided to do your best to enjoy winter, even if you're not really that excited about it coming... Whether you're a fan of the cold or not, outdoor play is extremely important for children , even in winter, thanks to the incredible benefits that nature has for children.

The only problem is that for now we only have very little snow, and that's only if we go up to the mountains, at high altitudes. Trying to adapt and find fun things to do outside without the snow, we discovered that there are a lot of people for whom winters without snow are something ordinary... If you are in the same situation, here are some of the most interesting winter fun in the air free, which does not require snow!

1. Build shelters or fortresses

Building shelters, redoubts or fortresses is one of the activities specific to childhood through excellence. And one of the best things about this activity is that you can do it all year round. Tree branches without leaves are abundant in winter, so collect them and start building with them! Try to make a tent, a hut or an A-shaped shelter.

Even a few bushes in the yard that somehow form a natural arch from their branches can serve as a starting point for building walls from branches and sticks. And if you have green vegetation in your yard, you can use some of the leaves to insulate the walls.
In addition, you can find on the net all kinds of kits for building forts, which look fun and engaging and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Make a campfire

Campfires are wonderful at any time of the year, but without a doubt they are one of the coolest outdoor winter activities, because that's when we need the warmth and peace that fire offers the most. Make sure you don't miss hot drinks and something to bake, whether it's baguettes, marshmallows or popcorn, according to the American style.

Another important aspect of campfires is that they are an excellent opportunity to tell stories. Some of the most interesting topics to start from are: What was the worst vacation? What was the best vacation? How did you meet your partner? What was the most embarrassing moment you've been through? What are your favorite childhood memories? What are your favorite stories from the good old days (this is especially for the grandparents, if they are around the fire)? Tell about a time when you got into trouble.
This is a great way to keep family stories alive and pass them down from generation to generation. There was a time when the means of entertainment were not so close at hand... Why not bring back to life the tradition of gathering around the fire and practicing the art of telling stories? And reading by the fire can be a good idea, but make sure you dress well!

Here's what you should have in your arsenal for a cozy campfire in winter:

  • beds;
  • flashlights (preferably red LEDs);
  • a tray for hot drinks;
  • baking sticks on the fire;
  • large thermoses for hot drinks.

3. Do obstacle courses in the yard

This is a great outdoor winter activity, because one of the best ways to warm up in the winter outside is to exercise. Put some cones or natural obstacles as milestones to avoid, choose some obstacles to jump over, tunnels to crawl through, things to climb on, bars for balancing, stones to jump over and so on...
Or do a themed obstacle course. You can create a treasure hunt with pirates in your own backyard, for example. You probably would never have thought of using a theme related to pirates in winter, but we guarantee that the little ones will love it, because it will give them the chance to be unique!

4. Have a winter picnic

Choose to have a picnic right in your yard, or go to a park. Make sure you take hot food and hot drinks and a waterproof mattress. If you feel ready for an extra adventure, try to prepare your meal outside by the fire, on the grill or on a camping stove. And if you go for simplicity, take only some hot chocolate and a light snack with you.

5. Go on a hike

This is an idea that will never get old and to which we all turn from time to time, when we want to unwind, after a long period of lull. The best part about hiking is that each season has its own unique experience to offer. Winter hiking generally means that you will not encounter bugs and insects and that most of the trails will only be at your disposal. If the little ones are bored of hiking, try something new - a sensory hike, where you focus on sounds, smells and textures, as well as on the surrounding sights. You can also try a full moon hike.

6. Visit a botanical garden

The botanical gardens are generally open throughout the year and offer a mix of outdoor and indoor experiences. Many of them can also have playgrounds for children, thus offering a complete experience. If you don't know where you can find botanical gardens in your area, search on Google and you will surely find interesting options.

7. Build bird feeders

It can be one of the most beautiful and useful outdoor winter experiences that you will do with the little ones. This DIY activity gives you the opportunity to go out into nature, to do something useful, to decorate the trees, but also the chance to watch the birds that come to eat. You can even buy a book about birds and ask the children to figure out what kind of guests come to eat in your yard. They will be even more excited about the work they did and will be more involved next time.

8. Try "sanius" with the cardboard or "sanius" on the sand

Sledding is considered one of the outdoor activities that can only be done if there is snow, and those who always have snowy winters know very well how fun this activity is. The good news for all those who live in areas with a warmer climate and who want to experience one of the most classic outdoor winter activities is that you can sled without snow! Open a large cardboard box and have fun with it in parks or on hikes, on the hills. If you want some design ideas to give the cardboard box a more fun look, you will find enough ideas on Google to inspire you.
If you live in areas with sand and dunes, try dune sledding, an equally fun idea!

9. Go to the park or a playground

If we are to consider the absence of people from parks and playgrounds during the colder periods of the year, you would think that everyone is convinced that parks disappear in winter and miraculously reappear in spring. They are still there, all year round, and the kids love them whether it's cold or not!
It is true that they can be a bit dangerous when it is wet on the ground or when the water is freezing, but if there is no snow or ice, the parks are a wonderful place where you can take your children and even yourself, for some fresh air and exercise.

10. Go on a treasure hunt in nature

Because winter is that time of the year when everything is dead, treasure hunters are not really taken into account when trying to find ideas for winter outdoor activities. But try to do at least one treasure hunt every season, because the things you will find are extremely different!
In winter you can look for berries, seeds or pods, acorns, conifers and dried flower stalks. Try and see if you can find where the insects and cockroaches are hiding. Pay attention to the bark of various types of trees and examine them in detail, using a magnifying glass. Give each child a few plastic bags or boxes, and at the end compare what each of them collected.

11. Go to the beach

Maybe it won't be as much fun as swimming on hot summer days, but the beaches are worth visiting in winter too. You can fly a kite on the seashore, you can climb on rocks or stilts, you can look at the tide, you can visit a lighthouse, you can watch the waves or you can go hunting for stones or shells. This abundance of activities in one place is a reason why the beach can be successfully included on the list of outdoor winter activities. But don't forget to take some thick beds with you, because the cold will give you headaches.


It's too easy to let the cold and gloomy weather prevent you and your children from spending time outdoors, but resist the temptation to isolate yourself at home, in the heat. We hope that the list above has given you some ideas for winter activities in nature and some inspiration to enjoy the snow-free winter days to the fullest.