10 superstitii romanesti amuzante

How were these Romanian superstitions born that make many of us laugh?

The question does not have a hard to understand answer, this phenomenon having its roots in the attempt of our ancestors to explain the mysterious circumstances of some events, through knowledge acquired over time.

If I were to make a complete list with Romanian superstitions , I should probably reserve a few days for its preparation. Black cats, mirrors, shooting stars, numbers, itching in various places of the body and many other things are the object of superstitions deeply rooted in popular belief. And you have to admit one thing: even if you don't think that a black cat will bring you bad luck if it crosses your path, at least once you took three steps back and spat three times left and right... Admit it! 🙂

10 famous and...funny Romanian superstitions

1. If you leave food on your plate, you will have an ugly husband. (God forbid!)

2. If you spill salt or pepper on the table, you will have a big fight!

3. If your right palm is eaten, give money. If your left palm is eaten, it means that you will receive money.

4. You must not wash your head on Tuesday because you will have bad luck.

5. If you sit in the corner of the table, don't get married (the same applies if someone sweeps over your legs)

6. When you sew a garment you are wearing, you must hold the thread in your mouth, otherwise you will sew your mind.

7. If you spill the coffee, you will get money - Eh, if that would work... 🙂

8. If you kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend across the threshold you will break up.

9. If you drop the cutlery on the floor, you will have a hungry guest at the table.

10. And... I couldn't help but mention the most famous and, in my opinion, the funniest superstition, the one related to the black cat. I think how scared the owner of a black cat must be lest it cross his path in the hall...

Do you believe or not in these Romanian superstitions...

... one thing you have to appreciate in Romanians: creativity, sir! 🙂