10 idei de aventuri in lumea larga

If you are looking for adventure inspiration, this is an excellent place to start looking for that spark from which all wonderful adventures start.

From the Visayas Philippines, Japan, Skiing in Catalonia, Northern Norway, Salisbury and up to Dubai and the Yas Islands, Sharjah, Anchorage Alaska and many others... you have here everything you need for the first adventure of your life, especially now that the world has opened its doors again after the pandemic period in which we had to keep our dreams locked in our homes.

1. Cebu and Bohol, Philippines

There are over 7000 islands in the Philippines. So obviously it's hard to know where to start... This mission somehow resembles a combined shopping in a sweet shop. Each island is different and offers a special experience for visitors. Siquijor has mysticism and legend, Luzon has true volcanic masterpieces (an island in a lake on an island in a lake… sounds confusing, but that's exactly what Luzon offers), and Boracay is famous for having the most beautiful beach in the country , if not one of the best in the whole world.

Cebu and Bohol are located in the Central Visayas islands, which generally involves a long flight from Europe to Manila and then a domestic transfer to Cebu.
Cebu is a good spot for diving, and some of the best diving locations in the country are on Mactan Island in Cebu. You can swim with whale sharks at Oslob from here, although for that you will have to start very early in the morning.

Bohol opens to tourists with perfect chocolate hills and its tarsiers. It is a destination full of adventure and perfect for families whose members have different ages and interests. You can ride a bike or ride a zip line, climb trees, go snorkelling, take a boat ride through the caves and go on a butterfly hunt in the local sanctuary.

But a visit to the Philippines does not mean only hedonism. The super typhoon that ravaged the islands a few years ago caused major destruction in some places, and people are still making efforts to rebuild their homes, so if you go to visit this country, you will directly bring money to the people who have really need them.

Tip Don't be tempted to stay in a resort on vacation in the Philippines. This country has so much to offer, it would be a shame! The ride in a colorful jeepney costs almost nothing and is an excellent way to get around on Philippine roads. Taxis are also cheap, but before starting, negotiate the prices with the driver.

2. Northern Norway

Maybe you hear a lot of people around you talking about the North of Norway, from cyclists to close friends you trust. There is only one reason: the wildness of this area. And the cars do not crowd the roads and the winding serpentines between the fjords, between the steep peaks and those that cross the green and blue landscapes.

Because the villages are traditional, many and well preserved. And because the distances are small and the days are long. And if you've been to the Faroes so far and were impressed, you're probably wondering if Norway offers the same familiar yet solid feeling?
Cyclists are somehow afraid of Norway, because the tunnels that connect the cities are long, dark and dangerous and often even forbidden and, in addition, the costs are not among the lowest. But those who still arrived in the North of Norway say that if you manage to manage your accommodation and shopping money well, you can do it cheaply.

The Northern Norway Tourist Board recommends two parts of the coast perfect for family bike tours. One stretches north of Bronnoysund along the coast of Helgeland which offers reasonably flat access to about 14,000 islands and crosses the Arctic Circle. On the way you can visit the Vega Archipelago which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Saltstraumen, which has the largest vortex in the world - take a guided boat tour and feel the wind blowing at 20 knots per second.

Another perfect area for cycling is the Lofoten Islands. Traveling north, the midnight sun will guide you to stunning fjords, preserved fishing villages, arctic wildlife and historic archipelagos. This area also has very good options for kayak enthusiasts. Sandy beaches, mountains and fishing lodges offer cyclists a well-deserved rest.

Tip Yes, you want to travel through the North of Norway on foot, a Wideroe Explore Norway ticket offers you the opportunity to travel in the North of Norway for two weeks, at a unique price.

3. Japan

Even if it seems impossible to believe, temples, altars and cemeteries are really fun for children. Who would think that your teenager will walk the line to see if he finds true love, write his hopes and dreams on bamboo sticks that will then be burned by a Buddhist monk? If you go to Japan, you can do worse than planning a trip around temples and shrines. Each one is very different, many are interactive and some represent the most iconic sculptures in the country.

Don't miss to arrive, after a two and a half hour journey up the mountain - a journey that will leave you breathless - through thousands of purple gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Also, if you are passionate about cycling, don't miss the joys of cycling through the streets of old Kyoto.

Japan is famous for the "bullet train", and any train enthusiast in the family will feel like in paradise here.

A road trip is another option if you manage to get by on Sat Nav. Concentrate on two or three cities and look for things that the little ones might like. Kyoto and Tokyo are two obvious destinations. In Kyoto, you won't have to go too far to see some of Japan's national treasures, such as the geishas. You can pay to be dressed as a geisha in one of the many costume shops that also offer hair and make-up and you can also take part in a tea ceremony. For a more authentic experience, you can stop for a visit at the Shima Geisha House 1820 in Kanazawa, part teahouse and part museum, located in one of the most authentic Geisha districts in Japan.

Tip If you are looking for an experience for children, stop at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. This excellent location in Shinjuku has literally hundreds of giant neon robots in a song and dance show. Don't bother ordering food, because you won't be able to take your eyes off the ring anyway.

4. Salisbury, England

The destinations in the UK are worthy of inclusion on any list for adventure enthusiasts, especially for families who want to offer something new to their children, and this time Salisbury is the chosen destination.

The Magna Carta celebrated its 800th anniversary and you can see here the best surviving documents in the new version of the Chapter House located at Salisbury Cathedral. There is an interactive exhibition and an artistic alley full of statues, produced by the company that created Wenlock for the Olympics.

If you don't like Magna, then you should head straight for Stonehenge. The stones are complemented by an interactive and complex experience for visitors. And if you plan to get here in June, you can also stop at the Glastonbury Festival, with its family areas and lots of activities for children. Tickets are selling fast, so check the website early.

5. Dubai and Yas Island, United Arab Emirates

There are many people who will warn you not to go to Dubai, because you won't like it. But even more who will tell you that you will love it. And how you will love it!

For families who want a little adventure, but who don't like to go too far out of their comfort zone, the experiences that this Middle Eastern tourist center offers are sure to be adorable. An overnight safari in the desert will give you the opportunity to do "dune bashing" in a 4×4, sleep under the stars and watch the sun rise over the dunes. A group of three world-class water parks (Atlantis the Palm, Yas Waterworld and Jumeirah) will make the children mega-happy, and if you are passionate about cycling, you can do it in the bright Dubai Marina, from where you can start and to visit the souqs in traditional dhow boats. If you are brave enough, you can also try a skydiving session with the family in the desert.

A short drive from Yas Island, you will find the fastest roller coaster in the world at Ferrari World. Here you will have the rare chance to ride a bike on an F1 track (along with hundreds of other people) at Yas Marina.

Tip For families with small children, Kidzania in Dubai will offer a super interesting day. Children can try different careers here in a series of workshops and studios. The Kidzania franchise also opened at Westfield in London, as well as in many other locations around the world.

6. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Perhaps the lights and glitter of Dubai can be seen from space, but other states in the Emirates also offer unexpected treasures, even without the glamor of their older brother. If you have been hearing about Sharjah lately, well... in the coming years we can expect an increase in popularity for this location in mass tourism. It was named the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2014 and before that the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO.

If you just want to relax, Al Majaz Waterfront is popular for families, restaurants and cafes and the Sharjah Fountain. There is also an aquatic-themed Splash Park and the new Maraya Art Park, with a sculpture park and an art park for children. Sharjah is a dry state, so you will feel safer than in other cities and it is possible to enjoy detox here. Lately, Sharjah has been working hard on its tourist offer for families and it will probably only take off with the Heart of Sharjah, which should be completed in 2025.

With water on two sides and a large desert area in the middle, Sharjah offers some great outdoor activities, such as a desert adventure on a camel safari or in a 4×4. Locals say that Sharjah is a more authentic tourist experience than Dubai, and if you want a real local experience, an organized program means you can spend time with local families and do what they do.

Tip You can visit in February, when the extraordinary Light Festival that lasts nine days, literally illuminates the treasures of the city.

7. Catalan Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain

When you think of Catalonia, located in the north of Spain, snow is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But only an hour's drive from Girona airport are the Catalan Pyrenees, which will literally inspire you with amazement; a winter playground, sunny and perfect for skiers and boarders.

The facilities for snow sports are so good here that the Pyrenees of Girona, together with Barcelona, ​​have submitted their candidacy for the organization of the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. But not only professional skiers will find an ideal place here. Catalonia means family: the hotels are small and owned by families, and the parties are full of children. For skiing, Masella and La Molina, located near the town of Puigcerda, the capital of the La Cerdana region, offer high-tech ski lifts and infinite slopes. In addition, Masella also offers you exciting evenings of illuminated night skiing. Valter 2000 will offer you a different view of the Pyrenees, while the charming Val de Nuria resort offers you a car-free environment, where children will become masters over a huge snow park.

Tip A short drive from La Molina, in a small French enclave, you will find a restaurant that serves traditional food from the mountain area. Cal Cofa in Llivia is not at all ceremonial, and is usually full of families and locals, but the food is among the best in Catalonia and has a dedicated audience. Book early because it will be very busy.

8. Anchorage, Alaska

There is no other spectacle on earth more attractive than the cracking of a glacier. And you can see this show unfolding from various locations in Alaska.
Only in the 80 km from the center of the city of Anchorage there are 50 glaciers. Anchorage is a good starting point for traveling in Alaska; with five national parks a stone's throw away, you can reach a diverse range of habitats without feeling too overwhelmed by the size of the country and its wildness.
Winter or summer, an easy start to your family adventure can be the Tony Knowles Coastal line that stretches for 18 km from Cook Inlet and offers beautiful views of Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America.

By cycling or walking along the trail, you will be able to spot one of the 1,500 moose in this country. Wildlife is an intrinsic part of Alaska, and angling is a major tourist activity in this area. Above your head you can see eagles, and there are no shortage of black, brown and grizzly bears! Beluga whales can also be seen frequently from the rocky cliffs.

An easy trip by kayak is the one on Eklutna Lake and Glacier, with a length of 11 km. But a fresher experience will be a tour to admire the views from the plane, from the busiest seaplane base in the world - Lake Hood. You can discover the true wilderness on the peaks of the Alaska range, and some of the planes are equipped with skis for landing on glaciers. True glacier fans can hike with crampons and a guide, and it's not even as cold as you might imagine.

Temperatures during the summer can reach an average of 20 degrees Celsius, although in the winter they can even drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius. And if you still got here, don't miss the Aurora Borealis. Or try the over 160 km of ski trails.
The Winter Fur Rendevous festival, which takes place at the end of February, was designated by National Geographic as the best winter carnival in the world.

Tip A photography tour Through the Lens ( offers guided wildlife photography tours and workshops to help you if you want to be named Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

9. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is not a beach holiday. It is quite a difficult place and sometimes it can be quite cold. If you have older children or adults in the family who watch Game of Thrones, they might enjoy a tour of the place where the famous TV series is filmed. Of course, part of it is filmed in Iceland, but a large part is filmed in Northern Ireland. The Titanic studios where Game of Thrones is filmed are close to The King's Road, Winterfell, The Wall and Dragonstone. A guided tour reveals the dramatic landscape used in the series.

If you like dark things, the Titanic Museum will present you the entire history of the sinking of the famous cruise ship, in a building that recreates the atmosphere and puts your imagination to work. You can also visit the Crumlin Road Gaol, where political prisoners were imprisoned until its closure in 1996. And if you're still keen on history, take a guided or self-guided tour of the wall that once divided the city or tick off the murals of him.

Tip St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast is one of the city's most historic buildings, with its foundation stone dating back to 1899. There is a great audio tour you can hire and listen to, so to find out some historical details. And if it usually annoys you to buy an audio tour for each member of the family, well in this cathedral you can buy just one and connect two sets of headphones.

10. Jamaica

There are several options to recreate a movie experience for your family in Jamaica. Do you remember "Cool Runnings"? Well, you too can feel like one of the members of the Jamaican bobsleigh team at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, when the steel track throws you through the trees on a bobsled ride in the rainforest. If you are worried about children, you should know that you can tie your sled to theirs.

Or you could be like in "Pirates of the Caribbean". The Royalton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay has a five-star swimming pool and a splash pool, where children can run away from buckets of water tipped by pirates. Beaches Boschobel has a 2,500 square meter water park called Pirate Island. Or you can join the Pirates of The Caribbean galleon from Falmouth, where you will be entertained by Jack Sparrow himself.

You can also be Indiana Jones here for a week or two, because this Caribbean island offers some very good opportunities for young explorers. YS Falls is a set of seven waterfalls at the foot of Cockpit Country, offering visitors the chance to swim in a spring-fed pool, swing on a rope swing or fly over the water on a zip line. If you want even more water, you can spend time at one of the most famous attractions in Jamaica - Dunn's River Falls and you can take a guided climb up to the 182-meter peak. You can also go rafting on a bamboo raft on rivers such as the Martha Brae near Falmouth. Children over the age of six can go horse riding with you and you can even go swimming with horses on Chukka's beach.

Tip The main reason to visit Jamaica is not the attractions, but the people. Visit Jamaica's "Meet the People" program offers you 700 chances to connect with a person (or an entire family) who shares your interests. Free of charge. So stop thinking and let a local show you his house!