10 cadouri pentru iubitorii de ceai

Does your significant other like to drink his cup of tea in peace every morning? Can't you think of a different way to start a new day than with your loved one, over a cup of tea and a discussion about the day ahead?

Do you have a few girlfriends that you see often and enjoy your own ritual for tea time, in the afternoon or at the weekend, with scented candles or a good movie...?

Then you know that one of the most suitable gifts for the tea lovers in your life is obviously about the world of teas. But as far-fetched as this idea seems, it will be so difficult to find the ideal gift for a tea connoisseur, because he will most likely have the necessary arsenal at home to make this delicious moment as perfect as possible.

And yet, there are some ideas with which we could help you and with which you will certainly bring a smile of delight to the faces of the tea lovers around you.

Whether it's about delicious blends, the best tea brands, products for tea tasting at home, accessories and devices, luxurious cups or even a vintage getaway where you can enjoy a good tea together, you have below everything you need to know to make the perfect gift, in 10 carefully chosen ideas.

1. A gift box with the essentials for an afternoon tea

If you have a loved one far away from you and you know that they are passionate about teas, you can give them a carefully thought out gift box. A good tea, honey, a rustic mug, but also a pair of soft and fluffy socks can be part of such a box. Such a comfortable and warm gift box will show your loved one how much you care about them.

2. Thermos of tea for travel

For someone who likes tea a lot, choose a glass or a special travel bottle in which they can enjoy their tea. This gift is ideal for a person who likes to drink tea, but who is also always on the move.

3. An assortment of flavors

Choose an interesting box with a special assortment of teas and herbs from a famous brand. If you want something more special, choose a set with 50 tea bags, two of each flavor. Do not miss flavors such as chamomile, lemon, ginger, peach, Ceylon mango and blackberry sage. Doesn't that sound delicious?

4. Set with tea "bombs".

You have, of course, heard of the effervescent "bombs" with hot chocolate, but did you know that there are also tea bombs? These spectacular servings of tea are made with sugar, flower tea and dried flowers. Choose a box of tea bombs made up of a selection of flavors including cinnamon, mint, passion fruit, flower buds, hibiscus and chamomile. The special flavors in the tea bombs come to life as soon as the hot water meets the "bomb", turning it into tea in a few seconds.

5. Porcelain tea service

What would a tea lover do if he didn't have an arsenal of cups and teapots at his disposal? Choose for the tea enthusiast in your life an elegant set that will allow him to prepare a good portion of tea and enjoy it from a superb porcelain set.

6. Buckingham Palace Tea Biscuits Box

What would tea be without a delicious cookie on the side? Choose to give a good tea-loving friend a "royal" selection of cookies from Buckingham Palace as a gift and you will delight not only her taste buds, but also her soul.

7. Tea mug with infuser

Give someone you love a mug or a cup made of delicate ceramic as a gift from which they can serve their tea in the afternoon or in the morning. But not just any kind of mug: choose a double-walled model with a lid that retains heat and a stainless steel infuser to keep loose leaf tea. This mug will keep the tea warm longer than an ordinary mug, and if it gets cold, you can also use it in the microwave.

8. Spoonfuls of honey

We all know how healthy honey is, and many people choose to use it to sweeten their hot drinks, such as tea. You can offer the tea enthusiasts in your life honey, but not in its classic form, but in a truly original form! Choose a gift consisting of a few teaspoons of honey in the form of a lollipop, on wooden sticks. In other words, another level of pampering! All the recipient of your gift will have to do is mix the teaspoon in a hot cup of tea, and the jam will melt immediately. Perfect for herbal tea drinkers.

9. Electric kettle

We are in the era where we choose to ease our hectic and busy lives with all kinds of smart devices that make our work easier. An electric kettle will be a useful and elegant addition to any kitchen counter, but beyond this useful aspect, it also reproduces the perfect taste of tea. Choose an electric teapot with preset buttons for white, green and oolong teas, so that you or a loved one to whom you give this gift can enjoy the ideal preparation.

10. A "tea for 2" experience in a lovely place

If you want a special gift for a loved one who can't imagine life without tea, choose to offer them a complex experience in the form of a "vintage escape" .

This experience consists of a guided tour of a Bucharest period museum, followed by a tea served in an impressive setting. The aromatic tea will be accompanied by a refined snack, all served in collectible silver and porcelain vessels, and will respect the ancient ritual of serving tea. A unique experience that will transport you with your loved one in the beauty and elegance of the past era.