15 experiente de cuplu pe care le vei adora

Couple experiences and the manifestation of love...

...should not be limited only to the famous Valentine's Day and Dragobete holidays. And we're not just talking about chocolate candies, flowers or extra teddy bears here, but about giving your loved one something much more valuable - experiences for two.

Most of us feel the need for time and special moments spent with our loved ones. In the era of smartphones and Netflix, we have all become much more withdrawn and introverted and very often we cancel with great relaxation plans to go out together to stay at home and binge watch the latest series that made us attention grabbing.

For many couples, the evenings in which both keep their eyes on the phone, without enjoying a real conversation, have become a normality and, often, when you try to attract the attention of your loved one with a topic of discussion, you find yourself in the situation of it competes with the social media feed on which he focuses all his attention.

Couple experiences = perfect gifts

We all crave human connection and we want to find opportunities to re-create a meaningful connection with our loved ones. And experiences in two are the ideal chance to do that. Experience gifts for couples can take many forms, whether it's a romantic dinner, a spa treatment or an evening on the town. Experience gifts are unforgettable and create special memories to be shared for years to come.

1. Romantic dinner

What can be more romantic than a romantic dinner ? Spend the night enjoying each other's company and delicious food, with breathtaking views of the city as a backdrop. Treat yourself to an intimate romantic meal and turn an ordinary day out into an unforgettable memory!

2. Romantic weekend getaway

With a gift card, you can invite your partner to a romantic weekend getaway in a... several star hotel. And for the surprise to be even more complete, pack your bags and don't forget to put everything you know you would need for an unforgettable weekend away from everything. From spa treatments to gourmet meals, this gift experience will be a great way to reconnect and relax as a couple. And what if you don't have much time to spend on the road... a romantic getaway in Bucharest is also perfect!

3. A course or workshop that you have long wanted to attend

Maybe your significant other has sometimes talked to you about a hobby or something they would like to try. Maybe a perfume workshop ? Maybe he would like to learn to paint, or maybe he would like to know how to take more beautiful photos, or maybe he would like to do more sports. Give him a course that you can attend together. It can be anything, as long as you both like the activity and feel that it could help you connect or re-connect.

4. A concert or a play

Is your girlfriend's or boyfriend's favorite band coming to town soon? Buy tickets to the concert and enjoy an evening for two. Surprise your better half and you will enjoy a night full of music and laughter, while you dance and sing together. It wouldn't hurt anyone to go out more in the city, especially to live concerts or plays. We don't take advantage of the concerts or shows held by our favorite bands or artists often enough, and this could be a good time to make a resolution to go to such events more often.

5. A city break

Very often we postpone and wait endlessly to have more money or more time... If the trip you are thinking of is a city break, which requires a bit more planning, and you end up always postponing because you don't have all the money, at least do the first step in this direction and you will be a little closer to your dream. At least book the hotel or find a good accommodation on Airbnb or book the plane tickets. You will thus have the beginning of a plan and you will be more motivated to take the rest of the steps for the exit that you have been thinking about for a long time.

6. "30 days of new experiences" calendar

Make such a DIY gift for your loved one and you can be sure that they will love this gift. Buy a calendar as simple as possible, do some research about the things you can do together in your city and surroundings and fill the calendar with new things to do together that month. Some of them can be free or low-cost activities, others can be concerts or shows, and others outings to restaurants that you always wanted to try.

7. A day at the spa

A pampering as a couple from time to time is not only amazing, but also necessary. Give your loved one a rejuvenating massage, a facial massage or a relaxation massage for two. Take our word for it, this gift will be more appreciated than any other gift you could give him: a day at the spa totally pampered !

You can also plan a whole day at the spa for two, with rose petals, candles and massage oil. If you don't have the budget for such an experience, you can organize a day at the spa at home yourself and you can complete this experience by cooking your partner's favorite food and enjoy the delicious dishes together after the massage.

8. An evening of games

Very often, a game night with your partner, or a few friends, means more than a night out in the club. Games help us forget about our phones and focus on the present - a real achievement these days. It also promotes connection and interaction and can bring you closer to your partner, because you won't just be watching TV in silence. Some quick ideas: Jenga, Scrabble, card games for two, dominoes, chess, checkers, boggle or even Monopoly.

9. Tickets to a conference

Is there an annual exhibition for small businesses coming up? Is a motivational speaker coming to town that you know your better half likes? Is there a personal development course that you know he would like and could inspire him? You got the idea, for sure! Give your partner the gift of helping him or her develop personally or professionally and you will definitely give him or her a pleasant surprise!

10. A romantic movie night

You can organize this evening either at the cinema or at home. Choose one of the most romantic films of all time in its original form, perhaps in an independent cinema or at the cinematheque. Look for screenings of classic films in your area or try to find a projector with a screen for home and choose a romantic movie together! Maybe it seemed a bit syrupy, but take our word for it, your gesture will impress!

11. Materials for a DIY project

A lot of people have recently become DIY fans. We all think of small works that we would like to do around the house or in the garden, which would bring aesthetic changes with minimal investment. If your significant other also has such passions, but never finds the time or resources for them, give them the push they need to finally complete that DIY project they keep talking about. Buy all the supplies, arrange a small work space for this activity and let the magic happen!

12. An evening of comedy

We could have included the comedy in the category of concerts and plays, but it deserves its own special place in this list. Laughter is extremely good for all of us, but most of the time we underestimate the role of comedy in our lives. And you certainly won't go wrong if you take your partner to a stand-up show or a good comedy movie. The idea of ​​staying at home for an evening and watching one or even two good comedies is just as good!

13. A wine tasting

If you have a wine lover in your life, pamper him with a private wine tasting session at Crama Budureasca or any other vineyard that appeals to you. Taste different wines and learn more about the winemaking process and how you can combine the wines with the various types of food as inspired as possible. This experience gift promises a pleasant day for two lovers!

14. Balloon ride

If you are looking for the perfect gift experience to share with your loved one, a hot air balloon ride in Brasov or Targu Secuiesc, Cluj, Bucharest is an unforgettable adventure. In this way, you will give your other half the gift of exploration and discovery and you will have the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective. Whether you soar above the treetops or float among the clouds, a romantic hot air balloon ride will create memories you'll cherish forever. In addition, some suppliers even offer champagne toasts during the flight for an extra treat!

15. I fly by helicopter

Gift experiences for lovers don't always have to be clichés. Change things up with an adventurous experience for two! How about a romantic ride above the city by helicopter? You will make your loved one's heart beat faster while you admire the breathtaking view from above. In addition, you will be able to take some of the best photos as memories of this special day. A helicopter flight in Bucharest, close to home, is clearly a suitable option.