Bea-ti cafeaua in jurul lumii: 10 experiente unice

An excellent way to learn about a country's traditions and history is to learn all about the coffee culture in that country. If you are passionate about coffee and cannot imagine visiting a new country without tasting the local coffee in that country, try these unique coffee experiences around the world!

Coffee is an important part of many cultures. The different ways in which it is prepared often reflect tradition. Travelers can learn a lot about a destination by exploring the local coffee culture, from how it is made to its taste.

A special and unique stop at a local coffee shop in each country you arrive at will be an unparalleled chance to know exactly how coffee is prepared here, why it is unique, but also the opportunity to taste the best it has to offer a country in terms of coffee.

Medellin The path of coffee from the seed to the cup.

Colombia is globally renowned as a top coffee producer. And not without reason! On a half-day tour in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, tourists have the chance to leave the city and visit an organic coffee farm. There, they will learn about the process of transforming coffee beans into a delicious cup of coffee.

Istanbul. The perfect Turkish coffee experience.

Turkish coffee has a unique aroma, consistency and preparation process. Tourists can learn about Istanbul's delicious coffee on a half-day tour. They will visit a spice bazaar and receive an official certificate at the end of a 30-minute workshop on the coffee-making process. Such a tour can also include a few stops at some of the most popular cafes in the city.

La Fortuna. Preparation of coffee and chocolate.

Coffee is one of the most important goods exported from Costa Rica, so it is mandatory for tourists who arrive in this country to enjoy a coffee tour. Booking a tour with a local guide assumes that you will learn everything about the process of harvesting, roasting and grinding coffee at a farm near the Arenal volcano. In addition to tasting the coffee grown on the farm, visitors can also taste the chocolate and sugar cane produced here.

Bogota. Coffee workshops.

Travelers who want to immerse themselves in the coffee culture of Colombia can take a tour of the capital Bogota. If you don't necessarily want to visit a coffee farm, you can choose a tour through a trendy local neighborhood to experience the various cafes and try some of the best coffee products.

Melbourne. Tour for coffee lovers

Australians take their coffee very seriously, so if you come to Melbourne, don't miss a guided tour of four of the city's most popular cafes. Learn all about the coffee preparation process, try different blends from around the globe and enjoy recommendations and comments from a specialized guide.

Hi An. Coffee and Vietnamese culture course.

If you come to Vietnam, don't miss spending two hours learning how to make the best Vietnamese coffee in a masterclass in Hoi An. This culturally rich Vietnamese city is located south of Hanoi and is an excellent destination for shopping and dining. The course offers a perspective on the different types of Vietnamese coffee and how to prepare them, including the special egg coffee.

Stockholm. Fika Tour.

A visit to Sweden is an excellent opportunity to learn about the coffee culture in this country, especially about the concept of Fika. Fika is a Swedish tradition of serving coffee with a pastry, to a good conversation with a friend, partner or colleague. A Fika tour in Stockholm introduces travelers to the concept, provides a social setting to try it out, and includes four or five stops at various cafes to sample pastries along the way.

Seattle. Tour in coffee culture.

Because it is the birthplace of the extremely popular Starbucks franchise, Seattle cannot be overlooked if you are interested in coffee culture. A two-hour tour of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood comes with a chance to try various specialties, from a rich espresso to infused coffee. This trendy neighborhood is the perfect place to experience Seattle's best hipster cafes and end the night at a cocktail bar.

Addis Ababa. The coffee ceremony.

Tourists visiting Ethiopia must definitely invest in a coffee tour, because it is impossible not to do this in the birthplace of coffee! Ethiopians consume more coffee than most African nations, so a coffee tour in Addis Ababa is an excellent way to understand the ritual and culture surrounding the tradition. If you arrive in the Ethiopian capital, you can participate in a local cooking class and learn to roast coffee in the comfort of an Ethiopian kitchen.

Brasov. Coffee through the senses.

If you come to Brasov, don't miss a perfect sensory experience in the world of specialty coffee. You will let yourself be carried away on a journey where every step is a new discovery and where the aromas and tastes will transport you to another part of the world. You will participate in a "Bean to Cup" coffee course where, together with experts in the field, you will explore the secrets and fascinating stories behind coffee beans, learn preparation techniques and taste exceptional coffees. And if that's not enough, you can also try a coffee tasting and visit a coffee bakery in town. You will thus be able to explore the roasting process and learn to recognize the aromas and tastes of different varieties of coffee, all in an unforgettable experience.