Top 10 cadouri experienta pentru pasionatii de natura

"I've always wanted to do this!" "Wow, that's just my type!" "It's my favorite present!" These are the answers we all want when it comes to giving gifts to our loved ones. That's why we're always looking for the perfect gift to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. If you are fed up with classic gifts, below are 10 perfect experience gift ideas for nature enthusiasts, with which you will surely impress.

1. Weekend with via ferrata, offroad and bobsleigh track

A weekend full of adventure in the middle of nature is the perfect gift for a loved one who loves adrenaline. Give him the chance to explore the natural beauties of the Ghimesului Valley and the Eastern Carpathians in a three-day getaway with via ferrata, offroad and bobsleigh track .
The off-road route goes to the Nascalat Peak, where you will enjoy the first rays of the sun, and then continues to the edge of the Cheile Bicazului National Park - Hasmas and then to the Ecem peak. The tour also includes a visit to the mountain village of Trei Fantanele, on the Bicajelului Valley. The via ferrata route will help him test his skills and overcome his fears in the Bicazului Gorges, and the adventure will end with a ride on the bobsleigh track in Lunca de Sus, for a dose of adrenaline before dinner.

2. A hike for two

Hiking is excellent for relaxation, reconnection and movement. Give your loved one an experience like this, especially if you know that they are passionate about nature and hiking, and you won't go wrong. If you want a creative way to give this gift, you can take a map of the route, you can roll it and give it in a bottle with a special and vintage design, along with a caloric bar or a dessert that you know loved one would like.

3. Participate in a sports race together

Training with a team, family or partner increases the fun factor and reduces the risk of skipping a workout. Choose a sport that you both like, a distance or a location and then choose the perfect race or event for you.
If you want a more complex gift for your loved one, add sports shoes and clothes, ideal for training and running. Think of the tons of carbohydrates before and after the race that you will be able to enjoy together.

4. Camp for adults

Exploring nature will help anyone to connect with their own person, to discover new abilities and to exceed their limits. If you want a special gift, enroll a loved one in an adventure camp for adults.
Well, yes! Adults can and even should go to camps. They are the unique opportunity to spend time with yourself, to escape from everyday life and enjoy nature. Your loved one will enjoy in the Adventure Weekend camp for adults new concepts of orientation, preparing food in nature and will try activities such as river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, ziplining, trekking and will spend the evenings around the campfire, with a group of people with the same passions and interests.

5. Bicycle and off-road trail

Well, here's a top gift for a friend who can't sit still without moving and who you know for sure takes advantage of every opportunity to enjoy nature. Offer him a package with off-road adventure, nature walks and a mountain bike adventure on a specially designed forest trail.
Adrenaline, beautiful landscapes, enchanting views, connection with nature and new discoveries about the life of the locals and the shepherds in the area, visits to unknown sights, such as the Rausor dam, the Heroes' Cemetery or the Mateias stone quarry - these are only part of the promises of this adventure not missed

6. Glamping & Fishing in Maramures

Do you know a couple of friends who love to spend time together, but at the same time satisfy their thirst for personal hobbies? Well, a glamping and fishing weekend in Maramures will be the ideal gift for them. You can choose to offer them a surprise getaway during the week or a package of two or three days, on the weekend or at any time. They will certainly enjoy quality time and real joy.

6. A cooking class for the camp

Not everything that means food in the camp or on the hike has to be canned or dehydrated... In fact, cooking in the camp could be something gourmet, if you follow the right course. You can choose to offer a loved one who is away all the time hiking in nature a cooking class for these special situations. More or less, we all know how to cook at home, in ideal conditions and with the appropriate equipment. But learning to cook in a camp is a completely different skill level. Give your girlfriend or boyfriend the chance to learn the basics of outdoor cooking, or learn how to prepare and pack their own meals, work with minimal supplies and utensils, and still create interesting and easy meals .

7. An evening under the stars

The most magical and free gift is right above you. If your loved one is passionate about astrology, or if he simply loves looking at the stars at night, don't hesitate and give him the perfect gift. Pay attention to what the upcoming celestial events are and go together to the best place from which you will be able to see them. You can extend the experience and take your tent and sleeping bags with you and definitely don't forget binoculars, camp chairs and warm beds for the cooler evenings.

8. A kayak tour

Regardless of whether the recipient of your gift is experienced in kayaking and has a real passion for this sport, or has never tried the most amazing human-powered craft in existence, kayaking offers a truly unique and special perspective. Especially when there is a beautiful sunset to watch - or a party at the end. Find a kayak tour in a picturesque area and give him this gift right now, without delay. He will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

9. An unplanned weekend for two

Some of the most beautiful memories for two are those that include time spent together outdoors. Especially when you can focus on having fun and leave the details to someone else. Offer a couple of friends such a weekend getaway, either backpacking on difficult trails or on easier paths for beginners, where they can talk and reconnect with both nature and the essence of their relationship. You take care of all the organizational details, from the road to accommodation and traditional meals in the locations where they arrive, and leave them in charge only of the joy of savoring the moments they live together.

10. Hiking with snowshoes

Are you looking for a complete gift for couples, families with children, groups of friends or colleagues? Offer them a hike in the Eastern Carpathians, complete with a snowshoe tour, when the weather permits.
Your friends will discover the beauty of the Eastern Carpathians by traversing mountain trails to rocky peaks with amazing views, or they will cross the suspension bridges of the Varghis Gorges, they will enter long and dark caves and learn about mineral baths and springs, craters and much more.
An ideal activity for those who want to spend time in nature and recharge their batteries, in which no hiking experience or skiing or snowboarding skills are needed. All that is needed is the spirit of adventure and the love of nature!