25 de cadouri experienta pentru cupluri

When a gift-giving opportunity arises, wrapping a gift and tying it with a cute bow is, of course, a wonderful gesture. But more and more people prefer the emotion of being surprised with an adventure that they would never have thought of until now. And this is where experience presents come into play!

A gift that you will always enjoy, experience gifts offer individuals and couples a special opportunity to perfect a skill, do a hobby they love or try something completely new. Whether it's attending a wine school, driving an exotic sports car, or using your problem-solving skills to get out of an escape room, the experience gift ideas for couples below are a fantastic way to help newly engaged or newlyweds create memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Renting a luxury sports car

Car enthusiasts or not, it's hard to beat the thrill of driving a luxury sports car. This gift will give them the chance to experience emotion and adrenaline, in an experience they will not soon forget.

2. A Masterclass subscription

For those who want to cook with Gordon Ramsey, think like a skeptic with Neil Degrasse Tyson or learn how to bring photos to life with the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, a Masterclass subscription is a gift that should not be missing from anyone's list, more chosen by couples who like to learn new things.

3. Tickets to a concert or sporting event

If you want to make a close couple happy, passionate about a big band or a sports team, don't forget the tickets for concerts or sports events. If the recipient likes to sing along with their favorite band or cheer on their team, tickets to the event are a great bet.

4. Enrollment in a wine school

We all like to drink good wine, but for oenophiles, a wine school is an excellent opportunity to deepen a passion. Beginner courses start with the basics, such as grapes, vineyards and regions, while intermediate and advanced courses can cover elements related to grape growing and winemaking.

5. One hour of cooking

Food is the ultimate show of love, and cooking for two, both for beginners and experienced chefs, can be an excellent way to create a bond as a couple. So schedule a cooking class for your friends and let them cook something tasty while falling deeper in love.

It can be a virtual cooking lesson, in which they can familiarize themselves with Spanish tapas, French desserts or Thai food, or simply a plating class. If you have a favorite couple who are passionate about sweets, you can offer them a course in macarons and maybe even a kit for this delicious dessert, or the chance to perfect their skills at a virtual masterclass.

6. A mixology course at home

Are you looking for an experience gift for a couple of amateur bartenders? A mixology class is a great experience gift idea for couples who love refreshing cocktails. You can find courses that focus on famous cocktails and send the ingredients to the recipient of the gift, or you can choose courses that focus on mocktails or bitters-based drinks.

7. A day at the spa

The ultimate gift experience for a couple, a romantic spa day is a great way to celebrate something special. You can offer either a gift card or reserve some services that you know they would like. It's hard to make a wrong choice here, because whatever you choose, the result will be a whole day spent in complete relaxation. Who could not like such a gift experience?

8. A romantic getaway at a cottage

Such an experience gift will help your friends to disconnect, spend time in nature and enjoy each other's company. You can find all kinds of small and comfortable cabins for rent just a few hours outside the big cities, for a quick escape, if you know that a dear couple needs quality time together, for example to celebrate an anniversary.

9. An Airbnb gift card

Give a dear couple an Airbnb gift card, so that they can always find a unique place to stay, regardless of where they choose to go on vacation or in a city break. Whether you're looking for a ski-in/ski-out cabin or a beach villa, Airbnb has thousands of trusted homes for memorable getaways. You can send a digital gift card by email, or you can choose the printed version, which you can give in a box. Don't forget that the artistic impression is also important!

10. A hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon rides offer a unique opportunity to see the world around you, making them an excellent gift option for adventurous couples. Your favorite couple will generally fly from the treetops up to several thousand feet, depending on the weather, and will be able to enjoy an intimate experience while gazing at the scenery below.

11. Skydiving

If you are looking for a gift experience as a couple, with an added adrenaline rush, don't miss a voucher for sky diving. Choose from tandem jumps, jumps with your own parachute or even indoor skydiving sessions.

12. Riding

Whether you like country life or city life, horseback riding is a great way for anyone to enjoy the outdoors with a majestic creature as a guide. The best part? Most horse farms offer experiences for all levels; beginners can get a nice introduction to this hobby, and experienced hippies can deepen their skills.

13. Rock climbing

If you know that rock climbing is on the wish list of a couple you know, it's time to give them some lessons to cultivate a new passion. Not only is rock climbing a great way to do some aerobic and anaerobic exercise, but it's also a way to feed your thirst for adventure.

14. Scuba diving lessons

When it comes to experiences that leave a lasting impression, it's hard to find a more serene and beautiful one than scuba diving. Divers can admire all the rich and vibrant colors of the reef fish and if they are lucky enough, they might even see a bottlenose dolphin.

15. Tickets to a national park

For those who love nature, a daily or annual pass to some of the most beautiful national parks will be an excellent experience gift. Couples can go on a hike, enjoy a picnic under a tree, or sleep under the stars for memories that will last forever.

16. A course of survival in nature

From first aid in wilderness and navigation, to cycling and climbing lessons, you can find all kinds of skill-based courses for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. You will thus offer them an excellent way to perfect their survival skills, to learn a new sport in safety and to meet people with the same ideas and passions.

17. A night of painting

A painting night is an excellent experience gift, because it offers a unique opportunity for couples to capitalize on their creative side. It also allows the participants to socialize, have a lot of fun and leave with a beautiful memory to hang on the living room wall.

18. Subscription to the museum

For art and history enthusiasts, the museum subscription could be one of the gifts of experience that will always give them joy. Such subscriptions will allow anyone to explore what they enjoy, but will also give them access to events, parties and discounts intended exclusively for members.

19. Dance lessons

Dancing is a wonderful form of movement, but it can also be an excellent way of connecting between partners. The two must work together on synchronization. Plus, there are so many options that whether you're offering ballroom dancing classes or a swing class, everyone is sure to have fun.

20. One card for several gyms

Why limit them to a single gym? Choose a gift card to a service that offers access to hundreds of top studios and gyms. Thus, the couple of friends for whom you choose an experience gift will be able to take a yoga class in one room and they will be able to go by bike to another room to adapt their exercise routine to their needs, interests and location. It will be a great way to explore all the offers in their city and meet new people.

21. I fly with a glider

Nothing is more thrilling than jumping on board a glider and enjoying some spectacular views over a city or a rural settlement. In many cases, a transparent plexiglass canopy will provide an unobstructed view of mountain ranges or cities.

22. A yoga class

Yoga not only helps people develop their zen side and relax with their favorite person, but it is also a beneficial workout and a great long-term activity.

23. Paintball

If you want to offer a friendly competition, prepare a paintball date for your favorite couple. Gift vouchers will usually cover entry, equipment and paint and you can even choose indoor or outdoor races.

24. Ice skating

Ice skating is a great gift for couples. Beginners are likely to have a lot of laughs, while experienced skaters will undoubtedly appreciate some time on the ice to practice their double axels and twists.

25. Escape room tickets

Escape rooms are an exciting gift that attracts both gamers and fans of trivia contests and tests teamwork. Participants can complete tasks, use clues and solve puzzles to get out of the room with their partner if they can.