Motorcycle school

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Send your friend to the best motorcycle school in Romania! Hey Moto brings together over 10 years of experience in the industry, being a top motorcycle school where the best instructors work. United by professionalism and passion for motorcycles, they make up a group of friends and an elite motorcycle school.

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The elite motorcycle school, the gift that breaks all patterns

The motorcycle school "Hey Moto" was founded starting from the idea that the only thing more beautiful than driving a motorcycle is to contribute to the birth of new drivers, well trained and eager to cross national and international roads. The goal of the school is to help the students to get their license and to hit the road safely. They will be prepared during the courses for the real challenges they will face in everyday traffic, but also in longer trips.

The schooling package at the Hey Moto motorcycle school includes:

    • 8 polygon sessions: 3 sessions on a 125cc engine, 2 sessions on a 500cc engine and 3 sessions on a 650cc engine (see the detailed package HERE );
    • 5 sessions in traffic;
    • Efficient gear change;
    • Maintaining the straight trajectory, correct positioning on the lane;
    • Prioritization;
    • Speed ​​reduction at intersections and at pedestrian crossings;
    • Insurance when changing the direction of travel;
    • Signaling and stopping the signal;
    • Parking in the column in visible places;
    • The crossing of tram lines and train tracks;
    • Stopping and leaving the ramp;
    • Approaching obstacles.

*the displayed price is per person, per package

**graduation of motorcycle school does not automatically lead to obtaining a motorcycle license; at the end of the school there will be a theoretical and practical exam

Motorcycle school

Minimum age:16 years for category A1, 18 years for category A2 or 24 years for category A

(owners of category A2 can opt for category A after at least 2 years of experience)

Driving license:it is not necessary

Duration:one hour and 40 minutes / session

Recommended outfit:sports clothes, long pants + boots

Equipment and services provided by the Supplier:cap (remains with the client from the first session), helmet, gloves, knee pads and armor

The period in which the activity is carried out:March 1 - December 1


Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 15 days before


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Motorcycle school

Motorcycle school

2.230,00 lei