Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest

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Is he passionate about everything that means flights and the world of aviation? Maybe he wants to become a pilot himself but needs a push? Or do you just want him to get excited about the gift he received at least this year? Anyway - Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest - it's the perfect option!

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Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest. Let's start with...

Welcome drink coffee/tea

    • presentation of the participants

    • presentation of the JETAV team (administrative staff and pilots responsible for the event)

  • presentation of security and safety rules

Joint briefing

    • presentation of Strejnic airfield and the training facilities of the JETAV school (hangar/briefing room/flight preparation procedure)

    • presentation of safety zones

    • guided visit inside the hangar

    • flight preparation

    • aircraft description, control surfaces and on-board instruments

  • a little history of aviation and of the aircraft model

Next comes the most attractive part of the "Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest" package

Individual demonstration flight on a Cessna 150 or Tecnam P2008 training aircraft (pilot + passenger) - approximately 30 minutes

    • real flight with a pilot in one of the areas of the Strejnicu airfield (draw by lot)

    • explanations on orders

    • identification of on-board equipment and instruments

    • touch and go landing

  • full stop landing

The beneficiary of the voucher can come with a maximum of 2 guests who will stay on the JETAV terrace during the flight with the other participants who are waiting for their turn on the flight and with a second instructor who can answer any questions they may have.

* The displayed prices are per package, per person

***All the rules of hygiene and distance imposed by the authorities will be respected throughout the event

Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest

Minimum age:10 years (with the written consent of the parents)

No. minimum number of participants:4

Medical restrictions:Flying by plane is restricted for people suffering from epilepsy

Qualifications:All instructions will be provided on the spot, before the flight, no prior qualification being required

Recommended outfit:Comfortable clothes and sports shoes

Programming: Cat least 24 hours before

The day on which the activity is carried out:Saturday (if the weather is not favorable, the flight is rescheduled by mutual agreement; the decision is made on Friday)

Venue:take off and landing at the Strejnic airport

Voucher validity:12 months


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Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest

Airplane pilot for a day in Bucharest

730,00 lei