B737NG Flight Simulator - Be an airplane pilot for an hour!

When you are passionate about flying, the world is infinitely more beautiful from the cockpit! Now you have the chance to become a pilot for an hour in the cockpit of the 62000 kg B737 New Generation flight simulator and experience a takeoff/landing at an airport from a sunny beach or between snowy mountains!

For even more adrenaline, you can opt for a special case: engine failure, fire or storm.

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B737NG flight simulator - a long-awaited gift

What exactly is a B737NG flight simulator? It is a 1:1 scale Boeing 737-800 New Generation airplane cockpit (one of the most common aircraft on European flights, part of the Tarom, Blue Air, Ryanair, etc.) fleets. A B737NG flight simulator respects the plane's architecture in detail, being the simulator on which commercial pilots are tested.

The "pilot", i.e. your friend to whom you gave this gift, has at his disposal any route he wants: Cluj-Napoca - Bucharest, Bucharest - Vienna, Vienna - Innsbruck, London - Paris, South China - Korea or anything else that passes through head, and p revelations are reproduced with 100% accuracy, being carried among clouds and mountains.

Flight simulator - let the takeoff begin!

After choosing the route, the take-off preparation will begin. This involves setting the flight parameters, starting the engines, then the final double check (by both pilots), the request for take-off permission and the take-off itself. The airports are reproduced down to the smallest detail (advertising boards are also visible), as is the route taken.

The plane is taken to the desired altitude and the autopilot is activated. Then you can experience exceptional situations during the flight. Next comes the descent preparation and the descent, respecting all procedures. Then the landing and the taxi to the final parking position.

Flight simulator. 3 variants:

  • "Bronze" flight simulator, the simulation takes place between Monday - Friday, 09.00-17.00
  • "Silver" flight simulator, the simulation takes place between Monday - Friday, 17.00-21.30
  • Flight simulator "Gold" the simulation takes place between Saturday - Sunday, 09:00 - 21:30

Flight simulator. What does it mean to be an airplane pilot for an hour?

Welcome drink coffee/tea

  • let's get to know each other
  • presentation of the JETAV team, administrative staff and responsible pilot

Individual briefing - 20 minutes

  • a little aviation history
  • presentation of the B737 plane - the best-selling passenger plane
  • cockpit presentation (flight controls/indicators/instruments/control panels)
  • presentation B737 "procedures and checklist"

Individual simulator flight - 60 minutes

  • positioning at a preferred airport with a special view
  • cabin preparation according to preflight/before start/before taxi/before takeoff procedures
  • taxiing and takeoff-after takeoff
  • flight maneuvers with and without autopilot with and without "Flight Director"
  • descent briefing/approach checklist
  • missed landing
  • full stop landing


  • answers to aviation questions and curiosities
  • presentation of aviation school courses and modules for private pilots-PPL and commercial pilots-CPL


  • group and individual photos
  • souvenir to remember the JETAV experience (optional for a fee)

He will have the best gift he has ever received and you will be the one who triggered his new passion!


B737 flight simulator

Minimum age:18 years

Validity:12 months (from the date of issuing the voucher)

Programming:at least 2 days before



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B737NG Flight Simulator - Be an airplane pilot for an hour!

B737NG Flight Simulator - Be an airplane pilot for an hour!

560,00 lei