Rafting on Buzau (Nehoiu)

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There is no need for a special physical condition because the effort made is not too great. When rafting on Buzau, your friend only needs the courage to venture on a tumultuous water, in an inflatable boat, using only an oar and trusting in the ability of his adrenaline-seeking colleagues.

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Rafting on Buzau - adrenaline in the group

Anyone who can go rafting on Buzau does not even need to know how to swim because the inflatable vests that are part of the mandatory equipment do not allow the body to be immersed in the water. So even your girlfriends who stay at the sea and hang out only on the shore, can go rafting. Those who venture must be adventurous, brave and try as much as possible to maintain their position in the boat. This sport will forever change their idea of ​​going to the mountains or moving in nature and will give them extraordinary sensations in the fight with the waves and rocks of the swirling river.

The rafting route starts upstream from Nehoiu, from the town of Nehoiasu and is approximately 12 km long, up to Chirlesti. The river sections have rapids that create thrills but also areas with natural pools where the team can get off the boats and cool off. The degree of difficulty of the route is of medium level, the risks are practically non-existent, so that river rafting is addressed to all those who wish to do it.

Before starting the rafting descent, the crew will be trained on how the activity will proceed and everything that needs to be done during the entire descent, as well as actions in special cases. The team of instructors has vast experience in sport and recreational rafting, having hundreds of descents, invited in 2007 to represent Romania at the World Rafting Championship in South Korea.

The participants' cars will be left in the parking lot provided at the starting point and at the end of the activity the drivers will be transported by our team upstream to retrieve them. For those who arrive in the area by public transport, we offer them the opportunity to leave their luggage and valuables in the care of our staff, and retrieve them after the rafting tour is over.

Groups made up of at least 6 payers can choose the day on which to come rafting. For groups smaller than 6 people, rafting tours are organized on Saturdays and Sundays, being scheduled in the morning, depending on the Siriu dam schedule and flow rates. The crew of a boat consists of 4-8 participants + 1 guide. Rafting boats are special boats, built from a material that is very resistant to friction and shock.

The participants will be properly equipped for river rafting, the equipment consisting of overalls and neoprene shoes, to ensure thermal comfort when in contact with the water, so that regardless of the water temperature or in rainy conditions, the body does not feel the low temperature. Participants will be required to wear a helmet and life jacket. Neoprene is a material specially created to insulate thermally, by forming a film of water between the body and the suit, a film that heats up and creates insulation from the outside environment. The suit is put on correctly, wetted beforehand. All equipment is provided by Romanian Adventure, you only need a bathing suit and a towel.

The northern area of ​​Buzău County on the border with Brașov County, between the Siriu and Penteleu Mountains, has a large number of tourist attractions, most of them almost unknown: cave settlements, areas with troubadours, mountain lakes, waterfalls, swirling rivers, but also curiosities such as The Living Fire. But the most attractive part of the area is undoubtedly the breathtaking wildness of the places.

Included services for rafting on Buzau:

    • instructing
    • the team of trainers
    • complete equipment (suit, boots, helmet, life jacket)
    • photo-video materials
    • transfer from the finish point to the start area, in order to recover the cars
    • assistance car during the descent (moves parallel to the boats)
    • drinking water reserve

You can organize a tent camp on the water's edge, a few km from the start of the rafting route. In the area there are also several guesthouses that we recommend: Elena (Siriu); The Spring of Joy (Sirius); Roza (Nehoiu); Spring of the Year (Sirius)

Rafting on Buzau almost all year round

We offer you the opportunity to gather your friends and go rafting on the Buzau river. It has a constant high flow, which allows the practice of rafting from spring to autumn. Special boats with a capacity of 4-8 people are available.

In the spring, the flow of water is higher, and the sensations offered are more intense, which is why it is practiced more frequently in this season. Now it depends on the level of adrenaline that everyone wants... The rafting route is approximately 12 km long and lasts 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the flow of the river on that day; only 155 km away from Bucharest and 90 km from Brasov.

Rafting on Buzau

Minimum age:12 years old, accompanied by one of the parents

Qualifications: no previous similar experience is necessary. Helpful instructions are provided on site.

Duration:half a day

Recommended outfit:the appropriate equipment is provided by the supplier: overalls, neoprene shoes, protective helmet, life jacket.

Period of development: March - November, daily

Group Size:8 people are needed to carry out the activity. The crew of a rafting boat: 4-6 participants + guide

Venue: the upper course of the Buzau river, Nehoiu city area. The starting point is 155 km from Bucharest and 88 km from Brasov.

Meeting point:the center of Nehoiu, in the parking lot in front of the large red and white church, right on DN10.

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:the holder of the voucher will reserve his place for the following rafting tours from the date of purchase of the package. If for some reason he cannot attend on the set date, he has the possibility of postponing his arrival until the next term. The postponement is made at least 3 days before the initial date.


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Rafting on Buzau (Nehoiu)

Rafting on Buzau (Nehoiu)

245,00 lei