Rafting Buzau - Valea Lupului

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How many of you dream of a release? A touch of relaxation, adrenaline that will make you feel like you're living again, like every fiber in your body is shaking with a pleasant effort? Then you have found the optimal solution: super rafting on Buzau for you and your gang! The best equipment, the best guides, the coolest gift!

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Rafting Buzau. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time to do it!

At a distance of only 165 km from Bucharest, in the area of ​​the city of Nehoiu, the Buzau river offers the perfect conditions for rafting! A 14 km route considered easy-medium awaits you, IRF (International Rafting Federation), Rescue 3 and British Canoe Union White Water Safety & Rescue certified guides, with over 10 years of rafting experience on Buzau, complete state-of-the-art equipment and last but not least, fun and adventure!

Rafting Buzau? The longest route on Buzau that you can enjoy! Great gift! The hormones of happiness will be released on the spot and there is a risk of addiction! No prior knowledge of this sport is required, any person willing to adventure can participate. It would be ideal, however, to be friends with water and to know how to swim, but it is not a mandatory requirement!

The boats used are of the latest generation and have the capacity of 7 + 1. That means 7 happy tourists and a super rafting guide in each boat in the convoy. However, smaller groups of 2-6 people and the indispensable guide can also have fun in these boats.

What does the Rafting Buzau program include?

    • 14 km of rafting, i.e. the longest and most intense tour on the Buzau river!
    • the international team of professional rafting guides (France, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Romania) with attestations and a great experience in the activity of rafting and international attestations
    • premium organizational and logistics conditions: changing rooms, bathroom, hot showers, bar, restaurant, parking for personal cars
    • the swimming pool and the massage center at the end of the program
    • car transfer included during the rafting program
    • rafting every day of the week
    • complete top equipment
    • fun, adventure and energy from the house

Rafting Buzau - free yourself from the corset of concrete and gadgets!

Many refreshing splashes of foamy water that wake you up to a new life outside the daily monotony... alone with only your thoughts, while in the background the guide is heard with route instructions or in the gale of friends shouting hey-rup and sharing your smiling faces carefree, the cries of release of adrenaline or effort in trying to be in unison with the team...

Rafting means liberation through movement, it means nature, it means the team, and it is slowly becoming a more and more loved sport all over the world. When there are people behind it who put maximum passion in what they do, then it will definitely be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Everything was gathered as if for your own family: the best equipment (famous boats, wetsuits to ensure all the comfort regardless of the season, protective helmets, life jackets with superior buoyancy), the best guides. In addition, in the evening, after a day full of fun on the water, those who are with the participants on each tour will wait for them for a campfire, for a special meal, for a story with old or new friends, while, riding the waves, I share the same feeling of liberation!

*the displayed price is per package, per person

**children between the ages of 7 and 14 benefit from a discount. Contact us for details! They travel the entire rafting route with their family, but they will be transferred to the shore in the area called "Washing Machine" and after this area they will join and continue the rafting route until the end.

***after each program, the suits and neoprene shoes are disinfected with Sanytol. Helmets and paddles are also disinfected.

Rafting Buzau

Minimum age:7 years, accompanied by parents

Maximum weight:130 kg

Duration:3-4 hours, depending on the flow of the river (includes the equipment and training period).

Recommended outfit:swimsuit with sort + top, technical, synthetic materials; change of clothes and shoes

Equipment provided by the Supplier:rafting boat, paddle, helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit and shoes (all latest generation)

The period in which the activity is carried out:March, April and October only on weekends; May-September - any day of the week

Venue:Buzau River (near the city of Nehoiasu)

Meeting time: 9 AM (usually; depends on the water release schedule by the Siriu Dam)

Meeting point:Vibe Camp,Valley of the Wolf (yes, your friends can come with their tent or caravan)

Voucher validity:until October 31 (each year)

Programming:at least 14 days before


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Rafting Buzau - Valea Lupului

Rafting Buzau - Valea Lupului

250,00 lei