Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta

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Choose to offer a unique experience: kayaking in the Neajlov Delta, a 2-seater kayak route on the Calugareni - Comana river sector, which includes most of the Comana National Park. It is a wild land, one of the largest wetlands, a paradise for many species of birds and animals, located only 30 km from Bucharest.

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A different gift: Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta

The Kayaking tour in the Neajlov Delta lasts about 4 hours and crosses forested areas, reed fields, canals, marshes and lakes, the entire landscape of these expanses of water. The kayak route will start from Calugareni (Giurgiu county), crossing the entire length of the river, up to Comana, totaling a length of about 20 km. The exit will take place in an arranged place, located near the Comana Adventure Park. The adventure can continue there too!

Any person with a minimum age of 16 can participate in the canoe tours organized on Neajlov, regardless of physical condition or experience in this sport. So you can take your friends, family, colleagues, whoever you want! Be the one who comes up with different ideas and propose to them to spend an afternoon in a special way that will bring you common memories and, to use a popular expression, "you will spend quality time".

Equipment included:

    • 2-seater canoe, with luggage compartment and 2 sealed compartments (caissons) for electronic objects. The Canadian canoe is the fastest craft of its kind, it can easily support 2 people and supplies.

  • Life jacket - mandatory item.

Mandatory equipment:

    • Casual sports shoes

    • Rain jacket

    • Sun hat

  • Water reserve

Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta for each of you

The team of instructors will organize an instruction and a practical test on still water, before the actual start on the route, so that all participants can move and maneuver such a boat in safe conditions.

    • presentation of the boat's characteristics

    • knowledge of kayak navigation

    • coordination, balance and stroke exercises

*the displayed price is per person

Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta

Minimum age:16 years

Requirements:physical condition or experience in this sport does not matter

Duration:4 hours

Mandatory equipment:casual sports shoes, rain jacket, sun hat, water supply

Equipment and services provided by the Supplier:Kayaks for 2 people, with a luggage compartment and 2 sealed compartments (caissons) intended for electronic objects. Life jacket - mandatory item.

The period in which the activity is carried out:April - September (Saturdays and Sundays, one per day starting at 11:00. Groups of at least 10 payers can book kayak tours on any day of the week.)

Minimum number of participants:8

Location:Calugareni – Comana, Giurgiu county

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 6 days before


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Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta

Kayaking in the Neajlov Delta

220,00 lei