Silver experience - Mercedes AMG A45

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The Mercedes AMG A45 experience was designed to inspire performance. With 370 HP, the Mercedes AMG A45 opens up new dimensions in vehicle dynamics. It reaches a maximum speed of 320 km/h and accelerates from 0-100 in just 4.2 seconds. With an absolutely fascinating feeling behind the wheel, the Mercedes AMG A45 offers a feeling of exclusivity that shares common values ​​with those who will receive such a gift!

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The Mercedes AMG A45 experience - for connoisseurs

During this experience, the friend to whom you intend to give this gift will have the opportunity to drive one of the most advanced and high-performance cars, the Mercedes A45 AMG, with a power of 370 HP, which reaches a maximum speed of 320 km/h and accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 4.2 seconds. You will also learn to control skidding by driving the simulators, the car with two steering wheels and the car with free wheels on the back.

The dedicated trainer will guide your friend through a series of challenges and exercises that will put his driving skills to the test and help him develop new ones. You will get behind the wheel of a car that is built for speed, power and performance - and you will experience the thrill of driving in the 8 circuit laps (1 recognition/warm-up lap, 5 adrenaline-filled laps and 2 cool-down laps at the end ).

You will experience the power and precision of Mercedes AMG while driving high-speed straight lines, tight and challenging turns on the 1.2 km asphalt circuit.

Mercedes AMG A45 experience with dedicated instructor, 1 on 1:

  • Security briefing and circuit rules
  • Driving a car with two steering wheels, with a dedicated instructor
  • Driving a car with free wheels, with a dedicated instructor
  • Driving 8 laps with Mercedes AMG A45, with instructor on the right: 1 recognition/warm-up lap + 5 circuit laps + 2 cooling laps

Whether you are passionate about driving or just looking for an exciting new experience, the Mercedes AMG A45 experience is the ultimate way to experience the thrill of high-performance driving on both the high-speed straights and tight turns of the 1.2 km asphalt circuit. .

If you want to increase the level of safety behind the wheel, we recommend adding the " Be safe! " experience, which can be purchased separately or as a package with a special price together with the Mercedes AMG A45 Experience.

The "Be safe!" experience it includes:

  • Welcome and instructor presentation
  • Frontal impact simulator – you will simulate a frontal impact with a fixed obstacle at 13km/h
  • Rollover simulator - you will learn safe evacuation techniques from an overturned car
  • The role of the seat belt
  • Checking the reaction speed under optimal conditions
  • Checking reaction speed in conditions of distraction
  • Simulation of alcohol blood over 1‰
  • The role and adjustment of the headrest
  • The correct position behind the wheel
*the displayed price is per package, per person

The Mercedes AMG A45 experience

Minimum age:18 years

Driving license:it is not mandatory

Duration:approximately 90 minutes

Venue:DN1A, Bucharest-Targoviste Highway, at the exit from the town of Crevedia (29 km from the center of Bucharest)

Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:ask your friends to make the appointments at least 14 days in advance


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Silver experience - Mercedes AMG A45

Silver experience - Mercedes AMG A45

1.150,00 lei