Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep

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If you want to give your friend a memorable experience, this Jeep off-road course in the mountains is the perfect gift. Learn new skills, get an adrenaline rush and spend time in nature, all in a fun and safe way. The perfect course: a little theory and a lot of practice!

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Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep

This course is perfect for anyone, regardless of their level of off-road experience. Whether your friend is a beginner or advanced, this course will provide an experience full of adrenaline, fun and adventure.

During this course, your friend will learn the skills needed to navigate difficult terrain, as well as the techniques of safe and responsible off-road driving. He will have the opportunity to explore impressive landscapes, experience suspensions and 4x4 traction systems and develop his off-road driving skills. There will be too little boring theoretical part, but more exciting and fruitful practice!

In addition, qualified and experienced instructors will always be there to guide and encourage your friend so that they feel comfortable and safe throughout the course.

Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep. The benefits of such a gift for your friend:

    • He will learn how to drive a 4x4 car safely - The Jeep off-road course in the mountains gives him the excellent opportunity to learn how to drive in difficult conditions, such as rough terrain or steep slopes. Thus, he will acquire the necessary skills to feel safe and comfortable while riding the Jeep.

    • Discover the beauty of the mountain - the Jeep allows him to explore areas inaccessible by car, reach high peaks and enjoy spectacular views. In addition, with an experienced instructor, you will be able to learn many interesting things about the local flora and fauna.

    • It's a fun and exciting experience - The off-road Jeep course in the mountains is a thrilling experience that will boost your adrenaline and give you a dose of adventure. It is also a great way to spend time outdoors in a natural and peaceful setting.

  • He interacts with people who share the same hobby and can leave there with new friends, which is no small thing.

With an off road course you will overcome the difficult terrain of the mountains!

The Jeep model is the same for all 3 package options presented below, namely the Mitsubishi Pajero. Powerful, comfortable and very easy to pilot. All packages include:

    • Jeep presentation and technical information

    • Training before departure.

    • Professional guide in Off Road.

    • Driving the car on the Off Road route.

    • Fuel and technical assistance.

  • Pictures from the course for lifetime memories.

If you choose the Extra or Premium version, after the adventure-filled route, there is a stop at a farm where the participants of the off-road mountain course can enjoy together the tastiest traditional dishes of the place, all in the heart of nature!

You have 3 variants of the off-road course in the mountains that you can choose from:

    • BASIC - a route that lasts about 5 hours, easy, for beginners; lunch is optional

    • EXTRA - a route of medium difficulty that lasts approximately 10 hours and extends over 2 days; the package also includes an outlaw lunch at Stana in Vale.

  • PREMIUM - a course lasting 3 days, with routes of medium difficulty; the package also includes an outlaw lunch at Stana in Vale.

Renting a 4x4 car requires a ride with this vehicle, in a course you learn in detail how to drive this vehicle and how to get out of the limit situations that appear on the route. A person who takes this course can tackle routes with a high degree of difficulty, even extremely. At the end of the course, he receives the right to participate in professional routes organized by the supplier. He will leave there with all the necessary information.

There will be only one person in each car. The instructor will be in another car.

*the driver must have a driver's license B, CI and rental contract

**people who have consumed alcohol or drugs do not have the right to get behind the wheel

*** the displayed price is for one person and does not include accommodation (reservations can be made at Casa David for a fee)

Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep

Minimum age:21 years old

Driver's license:yes (category B)

Duration:depending on the package chosen

Recommended outfit:sports/casual

Period:all year round, depending on weather conditions

Location:departure from Valenii de Munte, half an hour away from Bucharest (the route in the Ciucas Mountains)

Voucher validity:3 months

Programming:at least 7 days before. Groups are made every month and the registered people will be notified of the set date.


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Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep

Off road course in the mountains with the Jeep

1.300,00 lei