Canyoning in Sinaia

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You have finally found a gift experience that you will surprise him with and that he will enjoy to the maximum: Canyoning in Sinaia! A day in which you will enter a dream world, rarely visited, with nature so generous with us that it takes your breath away admiring it, with water snaking through the vertical walls and 5 waterfalls that reach up to 20 meters!

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Canyoning in Sinaia - unique adventure

In the first phase, there will be a theoretical instruction, followed by the presentation of rappelling techniques and then... let the adventure begin! A mountain activity in a different way, combined with a lot of water in which abseiling in the waterfalls (5 in number, some aquatic) continues with jumping in the water pools and then it is completed by the fun on the natural slides dug in the course of the river!

For the activity proposed by us - canyoning in Sinaia - it would be ideal for the participants to know how to swim, but it is not a mandatory condition. I receive neoprene suits that provide sufficient buoyancy and, upon request, I can also receive life jackets. But at least be friends with water! Or not? And maybe it's a good opportunity to overcome his fear! How do you know!

The dependency called Canyoning in Sinaia

After the approximately 6 hours of intense activity, all participants will master the rappelling techniques much better than expected. Throughout the activity, they will be able to rely 100% on the internationally patented IcoPro (International Canyoning Organization For Professionals) guides, even if they are absolute beginners!

Your friends should only come accompanied by curiosity and the desire for adrenaline and novelty. The rest is provided by us, as follows:

  • minimum 2 IcoPro patented canyoning guides, with valid First Aid certificates. The safety and pleasant experience of the customers comes first!

  • complete equipment for each participant: 2-piece neoprene suit with special protections and premium thermal comfort, special canyoning ropes, protective harnesses, Petzl brand rappel and insurance systems, Pirana model in accordance with IcoPro and UIAA standards, carabiners and lanyards of Petzl insurance, protective helmet for added safety, knee pads to eliminate the risk of injury, abrasion-resistant backpack for transporting personal belongings (it is not necessary to wear your personal backpack), airtight containers to store change of clothes dry

  • technical collective prevention equipment (first aid kit)

  • digital photo album

Canyoning in Sinaia - Autonomy!

The guides ensure an authentic canyoning experience, offering participants autonomy in the rappelling sessions. The control of the descent will be with them and this will give them a much more pleasant experience than the "salam" method of descent (that is, the situation in which the guides descend tied to the rope and they do nothing!). Throughout the route there are additional insurances, controlled exclusively by the team of guides, so regardless of the reaction of the participants, they will be insured and locked in a controlled manner in case they commit errors in the booster sessions.

You also need to know that canyoning technical equipment is different from that used in mountaineering - canyoning ropes are different from those used in mountaineering, canyoning harnesses have additional PVC protection and rappel devices are special for canyoning. This is if you want to give all the information to your friend before he goes on the road!

*the price does not include transport (you can travel with the caretaker's van in a car sharing regime and it costs 100 lei/person).

Canyoning in Sinaia

Minimum age:7 years accompanied by parents

Maximum number of participants:8

Physical condition:good, to allow the completion of an easy mountain hike

Qualifications:there is no need for experience in the field. Before the actual expedition, an instruction will be provided to learn the specific techniques and reflexes necessary for this activity.

Recommendations:a 2 liter bottle of water and energy snacks (protein bars or chocolate)

Duration:about 5-6 hours

Recommended outfit:sports or mountain clothes, boots or boots with grippy soles, wool socks. The equipment is provided by the supplier.

Period of development: May - September, on weekends

Venue:Sinaia, Prahova county

Meeting point:06:30 in the Horoscop parking lot, Unirii square, for those who choose to car share with the supplier's van

at 09:30 in the Sinaia area (upon registration, we will send you the location coordinates by email)

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 14 days before


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Canyoning in Sinaia

Canyoning in Sinaia

290,00 lei