Canoe Safari on Buzau

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Canoe Safari on Buzau can therefore be a special gift for anyone: they will explore nature, dominate the river enjoying a spectacular landscape, charge their batteries and create unforgettable memories. It takes place for 2 days and the participants do not need experience in the field, not even swimming is mandatory.

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Canoe Safari on Buzau - exploring wild nature

The excursion takes place on the Buzău river, between Nehoiu and Berca. The length of the route is approximately 50 km, with the Cândêști reservoir as its final point. The starting point is set 1-2 days before, depending on the hydrological conditions.

Canoe Safari on Buzau takes place for 2 days and the dates are fixed according to the period and the hydrological conditions at that moment. The team of instructors has extensive experience in sport and recreational rafting, with hundreds of descents under their belt.

Canoeing is a spectacular and exciting adventure sport, which offers the opportunity to be in the middle of special landscapes, an excellent opportunity for active relaxation.

Do the participants have to know how to swim? Not! In the rather rare event of capsizing or falling out of the boat, the suit and vest give them total buoyancy, no matter how turbulent the water in the area, floating in a roughly vertical position.

In search of adventure: canoe safari on Buzau

Special inflatable canoes with a capacity of 1-2 people are used. These boats give the opportunity to practice this sport on smaller rivers, with moderate waves, lower flow speed, alternating with calm water areas.

Before starting the actual activity, the crew will give the participants instructions on how a canoeing tour will go and everything that needs to be done during the entire descent. The boats will move in convoy, being accompanied in front and behind by specialized guides.

Included services:

  • Equipment: double and single kayaks, Canadian canoes, life jacket.

  • guides

  • Voporas: transfer upstream to the starting point, at the end of the stay.

  • Motorized support boat, throughout the route.

  • Camping equipment (on request)

  • Workshop of traditional fishermen's dishes

  • Cauldron fish dishes (fried fish/soup for both dinners)

  • Cooking utensils and crockery.

  • Fishing tackle

  • Campfire

Canoe Safari on Buzau - from shore to shore

  • The activity involves setting up a tented camp on the banks of the river in a scenic area with wooded hills.

  • On request, complete camping equipment is also provided: tent, sleeping bag, isoprene, within the stock limit.

  • There is also the possibility for the participants to stay at one of the guesthouses located in the immediate vicinity of the river.

  • The cars of the participants will be left at the starting point and at the end of the activity the drivers will be transported by our team upstream to recover the cars. For those who arrive in the area by public transport, we offer them the opportunity to participate, being picked up by our team from the bus or train station.

Detailed program for Canoe Safari on Buzau

First day:

  • Meeting at the Romanian Adventure Adventure Center

  • Receiving the equipment

  • Preparing the boat

  • Inflatable canoe sailing instruction (crew of 2)

  • Canoe-rafting tour (4 hours)

  • Lunch break (picnic)

  • Continuation of the route

  • Setting up the camp

  • Campfire

The next day:

  • Breakfast

  • Encampment

  • Canoe-rafting tour

  • Rest break

  • Continuation of the route

  • The end of the trail

  • Delivery of the equipment

  • Car transfer to the starting point

** The starting times will be set the day before, depending on the flows recorded on the river
** if the group of at least 6 people is not gathered, the course is rescheduled, all participants being notified
*** the program may undergo changes depending on the hydro-meteorological conditions of the respective period

Canoe safari on Buzau

Minimum age:16 years (under 16 accompanied by one of the parents)

Requirements:physical condition or experience in this sport does not matter (not even in swimming)

Duration:2 days

Days in which it takes place:on any day of the week for groups of at least 8 people; Saturday and Sunday for smaller groups

Mandatory equipment:The participants must have a bathing suit and a towel during the shift, in the cold periods (spring and autumn) being shod and fully dressed in a neoprene suit, disinfected beforehand. The suit gives a high temperature to the body, being able to have contact with water even in cold periods, spring or autumn.

The period in which the activity is carried out:March - November (depending on the amount of precipitation)

Location:Nehoiu, Buzau county

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 6 days before


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Canoe Safari on Buzau

Canoe Safari on Buzau

320,00 lei