ATV - Off road course in the mountains

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ATVs? Off road course in the mountains? Exact! It can be a memorable and fun experience that will give the lucky recipient of such a gift the opportunity to discover the beauty of nature and learn how to ride an ATV safely. So, stop thinking and choose this unique experience!

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ATV - mountain off-road course for everyone

Off Road is an extreme sport that can be practiced at a high level by any person passionate about engines, horsepower and adrenaline. If you have a friend who wants to participate as a professional driver in the National Off Road Championship, Rally Ride or other domestic and international competitions, you can help him. By choosing the ATV package - mountain off-road course, you will be trained and will have access to all the necessary logistics and information.

The courses are divided into several modules and are addressed both to beginners who want to practice this sport as a hobby, but also to experienced people who want to advance to the level of professional pilots. Trainers with many years of experience and notable results in internal Off Road competitions will assist him throughout the course and train him to face the toughest routes.

And because we want them to feel free, the courses will take place in nature, in a wonderful area in the South of the Ciucas Mountains with unique landscapes. You will not be bombarded with thousands of technical indications and hard-to-remember terms; everything will be planned as a ride full of adrenaline and fun from which you will emerge triumphant in the battle with the extreme routes.

For people who want to participate in off-road courses at an intensive level and reduce the duration of completing the module, accommodation in the area can be provided.

ATV off-road mountain course with many advantages:

  • He will learn how to drive an ATV safely - The mountain ATV off-road course gives him the excellent opportunity to learn how to drive an ATV in difficult conditions, such as rough terrain or steep slopes. Thus, he will acquire the necessary skills to feel safe and comfortable while riding the ATV.

  • Discover the beauty of the mountain - the ATV allows him to explore areas inaccessible by car, reach high peaks and enjoy spectacular views. In addition, with an experienced instructor, you will be able to learn many interesting things about the local flora and fauna.

  • It's a fun and exciting experience - The off-road ATV course in the mountains is a thrilling experience that will boost your adrenaline and give you a dose of adventure. It is also a great way to spend time outdoors in a natural and peaceful setting.

  • He interacts with people who share the same hobby and can leave there with new friends, which is no small thing.

ATV - 3 types of off-road courses in the mountains that you can choose from:

The ATV model is the same for all 3 package options, namely ATV SEGWAY SNARLER 600, Model 2022, the long version for two people, with power steering, winch, led lights and side protection. Strong, comfortable and very agile in the field. All packages include:

  • ATVC presentation and technical information

  • Training before departure.

  • Professional guide in Off Road.

  • ATV piloting on the Off Road route.

  • Fuel and technical assistance.

  • Pictures from the course for lifetime memories.

If you choose the Extra or Premium version, after the adventurous route, there is a stop at a farm where the participants of the ATV off-road course can enjoy together the tastiest traditional dishes of the place, all in the heart of nature!

Variants you can choose from:

  • BASIC - a route that lasts about 5 hours, easy, for beginners; lunch is optional

  • EXTRA - a route of medium difficulty that lasts approximately 10 hours and extends over 2 days; the package also includes an outlaw lunch at Stana in Vale.

  • PREMIUM - a course lasting 3 days, with routes of medium difficulty; the package also includes an outlaw lunch at Stana in Vale.

Renting an ATV involves a ride with this vehicle, in a course you learn in detail how to drive this vehicle and how to get out of the limit situations that appear on the route. A person who takes this course can tackle routes with a high degree of difficulty, even extremely. At the end of the course, he receives the right to participate in professional routes organized by the supplier. He will leave there with all the necessary information.

The instructor will be on a separate ATV from the student. There will be only one person in each ATV.

*the driver must have a driver's license B, CI and rental contract

**people who have consumed alcohol or drugs do not have the right to ride ATVs

*** the displayed price is for one person and does not include accommodation (reservations can be made at Casa David for a fee)

ATV – Mountain off-road course

Minimum age:21 years old

Driver's license:yes (category B)

Duration:depending on the package chosen

Recommended outfit:sports/casual

Equipment provided:Latest generation ATVs, helmets, gloves, glasses, raincoats, 3-point belts, specialized training, technical assistance throughout the route

Period:all year round, depending on weather conditions

Location:departure from Valenii de Munte, half an hour away from Bucharest (the route in the Ciucas Mountains)

Voucher validity:3 months

Programming:at least 7 days before. Groups are made every month and the registered people will be notified of the set date.


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ATV - Off road course in the mountains

ATV - Off road course in the mountains

1.300,00 lei