Adventure Weekend – camp for adults

Exploring nature can help you connect with yourself, discover new skills, and push your limits. Sign up now for our adult adventure camp where you'll learn orienteering, nature food preparation, experience river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, ziplining, trekking and spend evenings around the campfire.

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Adventure Weekend – camp for adults

Yes, it's true that adults can and should go camping too! It's time to find time for yourself, to be able to escape for a few days from everyday life, to live a real adventure in nature, within the program of activities and mountain sports " Adventure Weekend - camp for adults".

During 3 days you can have experiences such as river-rafting, initiation into kayaking, various mountaineering tests, survival course and much more. Participating in such a program for adults is the perfect opportunity for physical exercise and active relaxation and to improve physical condition, or even lose a few kilos.

Participating in extreme sports activities helps to develop self-confidence, and if the activities are group activities, it also leads to the development of confidence in others. As people succeed in meeting challenges and pushing their personal limits, they can begin to feel more confident and confident in their abilities.

Although at first glance the program seems demanding, it is very important to specify that the activities can be practiced without problems by any person, regardless of age, weight, sports experience or physical condition. And at least as important - it can be a great way to meet new people and build relationships. People who attend these camps are often passionate about sports and adventure, which can give them a common ground to build relationships. And we all know that it is increasingly difficult to make lasting friendships after a certain age...

Adventure Weekend program – camp for adults

  • Day I

      • River-Rafting on the Buzau river
      • Lunch (kettle, tepus, grill)
      • Kayaking – beginner route
      • Check inn – local guesthouse
      • Dinner

    Day II

      • Breakfast
      • Rock climbing
      • flying fox
      • Lunch (picnic)
      • Rock climbing
      • Dinner
      • Award ceremony
      • Bonfire party

    Day III

      • Trekking (visiting a local objective)
      • Notions of orientation and the use of orientation tools
      • End of program

A program as busy as it is attractive!

Adventure Weekend personal gear:

    • outdoor boots and light sports shoes
    • long pants, shorts, windbreaker, t-shirts, sun hat, bathing suit, towel
    • small tour bag/backpack
    • energizing foods: dates, figs, halva, bananas, etc.

Equipment and activities included Adventure Weekend:

    • Rafting – boat 4-8 people, neoprene suit and boots, helmet, life jacket
    • Kayaking – touring kayaks for 1-2 people, wetsuit and neoprene boots (in cold periods), life jacket
    • Mountaineering & Ziplining – harnesses, ropes, steel cable, climbing rope, helmet.
    • Trekking – trekking poles, water bottle.
    • Orientation – maps, compasses, etc.
    • Picnic - crockery, primus, sink, spikes, disk.

* the daily program can be modified, depending on the conditions encountered in the field.

** the boarding house will be chosen according to the final number of participants.

***transportation, accommodation and breakfast are not included


Adventure Weekend – camp for adults

Minimum age:18 years

Requirements:physical condition or experience in this sport does not matter (not even in swimming)

Duration:3 days

Calendar'23:March 31 – April 2 (-10%), May 19 – 21, June 23 – 25, July 21 – 23, August 4 – 6, September 22 – 24 (-10%), October 6 – 8 (-10%)

The period in which the activity is carried out:April – October

Location:Nehoiu, Buzau county

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 6 days before


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Adventure Weekend – camp for adults

Adventure Weekend – camp for adults

800,00 lei