Cum scrii o felicitare de sustinere si incurajare?

All deaths are difficult, regardless of whether the person who died was old or not. A woman will mourn the loss of a husband equally if he dies in an accident or if he dies of natural causes. Anyway, death is hard to bear, even more so if the deceased person was a wonderful person.

Remember, however, that you will not write a card of encouragement or support only after a death. You can do it after a loved one's divorce, after a bad breakup, or after a serious depression. At such times, most of us are often saddened by the bad news and completely speechless. A few words of support in a suitable note when writing a card of encouragement can mean a lot to those who are grieving or grieving, making them feel loved and supported.

How do you write a proper encouragement card?

If you ever feel at a loss for words when your loved ones are going through a difficult time, we are here to help. Below are three tips that will guide you when writing a card of support and encouragement.

1. Be short and concise. The main idea is for the recipient to understand that you are thinking of him.
2. It's okay to include in your lines a happy memory or to mention a special moment, to try to cheer up the recipient of your message.
3. Offer him help for the moments when he might need you. For example, you can offer to help him with various chores, or just listen to him when he needs it.

Resist the temptation to add meaningless clichés, which will certainly not make the recipient feel better. Also, it is not advisable to tell him that you know exactly what he feels, because in this way you could trigger a negative reaction.

Example of messages for support and encouragement cards

It is not at all easy to send a card of support and encouragement. Make sure that whatever you write is respectful, calm and expressive. Express the pain you feel and support for the people you are sending the message to. Most messages end with a line suggesting that the recipient can contact you whenever they need you. And when they really ask you for the author, you will feel good because you will know that you inspire enough confidence in them to lean on your shoulder.
Here are some suitable words that would be good to write in a card of encouragement or support.

"I hope you are surrounded by lots of love!"
"I send you warm hugs and I pray that you are well. I am very sorry for the loss!"
"I'm thinking of you and I wish you peace and comfort."
"You are always in my thoughts and I hope you are well."
"I know I can't take your pain away, but I want you to know that I'm here for a shoulder, ears, or anything else you need."
"I am extremely sorry that your family is dealing with the pain of such a loss. Sincere condolences to each of you."
"Warmest thoughts in this difficult time."
"I know you feel that this pain will never go away. But in my soul I believe that you will find relief when you are ready. I think you have the strength to get over it and I hope that in time you will believe it too!"
"I can't even imagine how you feel right now, but I know it can't be easy."
"I wish you to smile through your tears when you remember the happy times and the life lived with your loyal friend."

What to buy or send to someone who is going through a difficult time?

A gift given to a loved one who is going through a difficult period will not instantly get him out of his bad mood, but it will help him find some relief. In this way, your loved one will know that you care about him so much, that you wanted to make him a surprise that would remind him that he is not alone. Here are some gift ideas that you can get for friends or relatives when they are going through a difficult time.

Home cooked food

Home-cooked food will help a dear person in a difficult moment to feed his body, when his heart and soul are in pain. A good meal will distract him from what is happening, even if only for a moment.

A potted plant

Plants make people happy, like nature in general. Greenery has a calming effect that will make the recipient of your gift feel more relaxed. The potted plant will help calm the troubled mind of a dear friend.

A bouquet of flowers

Flowers are extremely useful in improving mood. The sweet smell and multitude of colors are more than enough to cheer someone up. In addition, you will get an even stronger effect if the flowers are arranged in the most special ways.
You can try a bouquet of mini white roses, the perfect gift for someone important in your life. A bouquet of small and delicate roses in a green paper will have an excellent effect and will help anyone feel better.

Floral card of support and encouragement

When someone close to you loses a loved one, send them a floral card to express your sincere sympathy. Such a card card can also be sent after the loss of a pet.

Luxurious fruit basket

Fruits are not only healthy, they also bring you a feeling of peace and comfort when you eat them. A luxurious fruit basket will be chic and elegant, giving you the perfect way to send your deepest condolences to friends and family who have lost someone.

Make sure that every time the messages you send show the recipients that you are thinking of them. Always be yourself when you express your deepest sympathy. Let the soothing words come from the heart and be as simple as possible. Grieving people aren't sure if they can turn to you when they need comfort - reassure them that it's okay and that you're there if they need you.