Cele mai interesante 25 cadouri experienta in 2023

Experience gift vouchers are the best gift you can give this year. They are easy to choose, very varied and reach you or the recipient of your gift in just a few days, without any hassle.

An experience gift can be much more memorable than a physical object. The recipient of your gift can thus create new memories or acquire new skills, opportunities that they would not have with a traditional gift. And the good news, because we are approaching this moment with alert steps, is that gift vouchers for various experiences are excellent for the holiday season, as well as for special occasions, because they offer access to hundreds of unforgettable creative experiences.

You don't know what experiences you can offer your loved ones this holiday season? Below is a list of the best 25 experience voucher ideas that your family and friends will love!

Vouchers for creative experience gifts

1. Paint and taste

Do you know someone who is always looking for a new creative experience? Send him to a painting class with a glass of wine or a good meal, where he can learn different techniques and styles.
Loved ones can be creative in an elegant restaurant, or in a pizza trattoria or even in a pub. And if you know that they prefer to be creative right at home, you can also try online painting courses.

2. Pottery courses

Pottery courses are excellent experience gifts for people who love hands-on creativity, literally. From beginners to advanced, you can find pottery courses for any skill level.
During pottery classes, your loved ones can make their next favorite coffee mug or a decorative bowl for the coffee table with their own hands. These are perfect gift ideas for artists.

3. Dance lessons

Let creativity manifest itself through movement by offering someone you love a dance class or a few hours. He will thus have the opportunity to learn a variety of styles, from belly dance to Bollywood style dances.
Do you know someone whose child wants to become a dancer? Dance classes for children are ideal for those who discover their passion for dance at an early age.

4. Help in interior design

This will be the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about always transforming their space or for those who can't seem to find the right style. An interior design help from a specialized company will create a beautiful interior that fits perfectly with their style.
You can opt for the stylization of a room of your choice, or for a total design of the house, depending on the budget you have available.

5. Calligraphy courses

Anyone with beautiful handwriting will love perfecting their craft with an experience gift for a calligraphy class. You can find such courses both online and face to face, or calligraphy materials that you can purchase online.
You will thus give a loved one who is passionate about smoking the chance to learn a lot of beautiful fonts that they can use for creative hobbies such as journals, handwritten thank you notes or even wedding invitations.

6. Music lessons

Whether it's guitar, violin or flute, the only way to improve your skills when it comes to playing an instrument is practice. He offers music lessons to all those who want to improve their skills.
With these lessons they can learn to read sheet music and perform better on their chosen instrument. Music lessons are a wonderful gift for children and teenagers.

Gift vouchers experience in gastronomy

7. Hours of cooking

For all those who like to cook, bake or try new recipes, cooking classes are an ideal experience gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.
They will be able to learn to master the art of pasta, or to make a Thai curry or even Japanese cuisine.
You can find cooking courses taught by world-class chefs, or you can turn to online cooking courses.

8. Gastronomic tours in the city

More than likely, your city also offers incredible food, and trying a new kind of food is one of the best experiences you can offer. The foodies in your life will love to receive such a gift voucher for any special occasion or for the holidays, as they will be able to try some of the best restaurants in town and the most famous dishes.

9. Private cooking lessons

Who doesn't want to improve their cooking skills with the help of a gourmet chef? With this experience gift voucher, the recipient of your gift will be able to make a tempting dish under the supervision of a talented chef.
He will thus acquire tips, tricks and techniques that will help him create better dishes and improve his own recipes. This can be a very suitable experience gift for couples.

10. Gift voucher for a coffee shop

Coffee lovers know exactly how they want their coffee and are always interested in trying the best varieties. It offers the experience of a wonderful cup of coffee on the occasion of a birthday, or on a special occasion.
With a gift voucher to Starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop, the coffee lover in your life will continue to enjoy the taste of his mornings, with exotic flavors from around the world.

Gift vouchers for unique experiences

11. Mixology courses

Give someone you love the chance to learn to create cocktails and delicacies in some online mixology courses. Offer this voucher for an experience gift and you will put him in touch with expert mixologists, who will teach him the secrets behind the bar and teach him to create classic and modern aromatic drinks.
Mixology classes are fun birthday experiences, because then you'll have all the drinks you need to celebrate afterwards.

12. Wine tastings

Don't give new glasses to the wine lovers in your life again! Instead, offer them an experience gift voucher for an event they won't soon forget. Virtual wine tastings and live wine tastings allow them to try wine varieties from all over the world.
They will be guided by expert sommeliers who will teach them all the techniques they need to taste like a professional. These are perfect gifts to pamper the sense of taste and smell for a loved one or for a couple.

13. Kayak tours

What can you give a person who likes experiences? The chance to get familiar with some of the most beautiful waterways in the area or in the country.
Use the experience gifts to give him the chance of a kayak tour through sea caves or the chance to see new places.

14. Fitness classes

Those who love to spend their free time in the fitness room will love a gift consisting of a fitness class or more. This gift is also excellent for those who want to get serious about training or start a journey in the world of fitness.
These experience gift cards will put them to work, and the good news is that you can find such vouchers for most local gyms.

15. A tour with a classic car

There is no doubt that this is one of the best experience gifts you can give to someone, even more so to car enthusiasts. With such a gift voucher, the recipient of your gift can later brag about a ride in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

16. Tickets to a concert or an event

His favorite artist, team or musical is coming to town! What better experience gift voucher than tickets to this show can you give to a loved one? When he opens the gift, you will see the joy in his eyes to find out that he can be in public to applaud someone he has always wanted to see live.

17. Spa voucher

One of the best experience gift vouchers for the women in your life is a spa voucher that she can use to pamper herself. It offers several treatments that can be used in a day of total relaxation or several visits to the spa. Facial treatments, massages and mud baths are wonderful gifts that any woman will enjoy.

18. Reflexogenic massage for relaxation

Give a loved one or a close couple a reflexogenic massage on the meridians of the head, with essential oils - a therapeutic technique of relaxation and charging with vital, deep energy that everyone will enjoy without fail! Stress and agitation will remain in the past.

19. Access to an adventure park

Give someone you love the necessary dose of adrenaline with this experience gift voucher. With gift cards to an extreme adventure park, your gift recipient can choose from a variety of wow-factor activities, such as skydiving, ziplining, rock climbing and paintball. These make great gifts for anyone looking for adventure.

20. Scuba diving courses

Do you know someone who is passionate about scuba diving and who wants to get a diver's license? Of course, you can't give him a license, but you can offer him the courses to help him get his license. Scuba lessons are unique experience gifts, wonderful for couples or for those who like to spend time in the water.
They will be able to go on trips to explore coral reefs and marine life and, once they get their license, they will even be able to explore underwater caves.

Gift vouchers for DIY experiences

21. Florist designer courses

Why buy bouquets of flowers when you can make them yourself? The virtual flower decoration and design courses can be a fun gift for a dear lady who likes to fill her home with fresh flowers.
These classes will teach her to balance colors, flower sizes, textures and heights, in order to create amazing bouquets and dried flower art.

22. Photography courses

Anyone can take a good photo, but photography classes will help the image enthusiasts in your life develop their skills. They will learn from experts in the field the basics such as lights and shadows, as well as some advanced techniques to create art. With photography courses, they will be able to work both digitally and on film, learning how to edit and develop their art.

Gift vouchers for experiences in nature

23. A horse ride

Horse riding can be a wonderful and relaxing experience for anyone who loves nature and animals. If you want to give a gift to a loved one, all you have to do is find a riding center or a local farm that offers horse riding, make sure that they offer experiences for any level of training, depending on the knowledge and experience of the recipient of your gift . Make sure you choose a reliable riding center to ensure that the experience will be safe and enjoyable.

24. Treasure hunt in a park

A treasure hunt in a park can be a fun and memorable experience to give as a gift to adventure enthusiasts or to those who want to get to know their city from a different perspective.
Make sure you choose a suitable park for this type of activity and that it is an accessible and safe place for all participants. Also, it will have to be a park that offers many touristic objectives of great historical importance, such as the Carol Park in Bucharest. With this gift, your friends will discover these objectives in an interactive way, putting their minds to the contribution and enjoying the fresh air!

25. Karting for adults and children

Karting is not necessarily a gift of experience that you can give only to speed lovers or those who have experience in car racing. In addition, karting can be adapted for all ages and abilities. Thus, whether it is a child experiencing this kind of thing for the first time or an experienced adult who loves karting, everyone can find pleasure and emotion in this activity.