Cadouri experienta de Craciun. Tot ce trebuie sa stii

They say that when you want to give a perfect Christmas gift, intention matters. Although it is very true, it matters even more how much attention you put into choosing a gift that really matters.

The era of focusing on material aspects begins to set gradually and surely, glory to God, and millennials today place more value on gifts and the Christmas experience than on material things. People are starting to realize that it's more satisfying to spend money on a vacation than on a new TV, and gift experts are turning to gifts that don't necessarily have to be beautifully wrapped.

Experience gifts have become extremely popular today, and they are not only a thoughtful way to show someone that you care, but also a minimalist and eco-friendly gift.

Although science has proven that experiential gifts bring more happiness, they also manage to give a new dimension to gift shopping itself. You can't rush to the mall at the last minute, take whatever you find on the first shelf and pretend you're giving someone a thoughtful gift.

To help you find that unique experience gift for a special person in your life, we are here to help you with a guide for choosing the perfect Christmas experience gifts.

What is an experience gift?

An experience gift is a gift designed to offer loved ones an activity to experience, rather than physical objects. This trend has gained popularity because people today are looking for more meaningful and memorable gifts.

Rather than offering material goods, experiential gifts involve offering opportunities to create lasting memories, such as mini-vacations, concert tickets, cooking classes or adventurous outdoor activities. By offering experiences in the form of gifts, you will actually offer unique and personalized moments, often valued more than material goods.

The advantages of experience gifts

If you still had any doubts, below are some reasons why an experience gift is better than a material gift.

It lasts a lifetime

Buying a gift experience is an investment - you invest in the happiness of another person. Although the latest iPhone will bring a smile to anyone's face, the novelty will wear off quickly, and the newest version will not be late, anyway.

When you surprise your family with a dinner at a special restaurant, with a romantic ride in a hot air balloon , or with an adventure in Prague, for example, you are not only buying them a weekend getaway, but also giving them the opportunity to create priceless memories for a lifetime. These experiences create a lasting impact, which matters more than the effect the objects have. They become stories to share, anecdotes to tell and moments that continue to bring joy and happiness.

Do not collect dust

Everyone is fed up with receiving the eternal Christmas trinkets. Sure, they're kind of cute, but what value do they really have? All they do is sit in the closet and gather dust until next year.

Unlike physical objects, such as clothing, gadgets or cosmetics, experiences do not accumulate and create clutter in the recipient's home. This is especially important in a world where many people are looking for minimalist lifestyles and ways to simplify their living spaces.

In addition, a gift of unforgettable experience never gets old, does not fade and does not go out of style. The only material testimony you will have will be a framed picture of the wonderful day you had.

They are an eco-friendly option

Experience gifts align with a more environmentally conscious life. Physical products often involve production, packaging and transportation, contributing to environmental pollution and resource consumption. In contrast, experience gifts tend to have a significantly smaller footprint on the environment. They involve fewer materials, generate less waste and usually require fewer resources, making them a more sustainable choice.

Offering experience gifts helps you reduce the environmental footprint associated with classic gifts. Thus, experience gifts become a careful and responsible choice for those who value a greener planet.

Create a stronger connection

Recent studies have shown that the gifts of experience resonate at a deeper level. They create a stronger emotional connection between the one who gives and the one who receives, which makes them more important as a sentimental value than any material gift could be. When the recipient of your gift receives a gift, the Christmas experience feels more connected to you than if they received a material gift.

Experience gifts are generally a proof of attention and consideration, because they imply truly understanding the interests and preferences of your loved ones. Whether it's a cooking class for a cooking enthusiast, concert tickets for a music lover in your life, or a day at the spa for someone who needs relaxation, show that you've made time to choose a gift according to the passions and wishes of your loved one. This level of personalization goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of material gifts and shows that you value the recipient.

You don't have to leave the house

One of the most unpleasant parts of shopping for gifts during Christmas is facing the hordes of frantic shoppers in stores. When you choose gift experiences, you can do all your Christmas gift shopping online, without leaving your cozy home tracksuit and fluffy slippers.

There are many ways to choose a perfect experience gift, but before you rush to choose an experience, here are the aspects you must take into account.


Looking for the perfect Christmas experience gifts? Is your best friend finally getting married? Do you want to congratulate a friend for a promotion? Or do you simply want to thank your partner for still being with you after so many years? Whether you are looking for a special Christmas gift, an anniversary gift or abirthday gift , the reason you buy a gift is the first step to getting that perfect gift.

The preferences

It may sound obvious, but this is an often overlooked aspect. In a moment of panic, gift hunters often grab the first impersonal gift they find on the shelf (we all know the scented candle cliché).

In order to offer a personalized experience, you will have to understand the recipient's wishes, but also the psychological reasons behind them.
Does he like to go outside? Does he like to learn something new? Answer these questions and you will be closer to the ideal gift.


Setting a budget is not always a fun part, but it is a necessary part. Establishing financial limits is a crucial step in finding the perfect gift experience. But the real beauty is that the value comes from the real experience, not from the financial contribution. If you will spend less, it does not mean that the experience will be less special!

The essential aspects of the perfect gift


A difficult point when choosing an experience gift for Christmas or for any other time is the right time. You don't want to book an unforgettable spa experience and then find out that your friend is busy that day. Choose a flexible experience that will give the recipient of your gift the freedom to choose the best moment to use this amazing gift that you are giving.


No one would like to receive a dinner at a luxury restaurant on a crumpled piece of paper that you take out of your bag. This is not a presentation to be part of the experience offered as a gift to a loved one!

So that everything is simple, elegant and ecological, simply make a reservation, where the recipient of your gift can arrive and enjoy the experience. Nothing easier!

Unforgettable experience

This is your chance to take your gift giving skills to another level. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to spoil someone special.

When you want to offer a unique experience, do it in an unforgettable way! Do it personally. Make it fun. And above all, do it in such a way that the recipient of your gift wants to give up everything and live a day full of enthusiasm.

The perfect gift

The next time you're looking for the perfect gift, remember that often the gifts that don't fit in a box have the biggest impact. If you already know what would make a loved one truly happy, nothing can go wrong. Real happiness comes from getting out of your daily routine, from trying new things and traveling around the world. And that's why new experiences are the best gifts.