Cadou de 8 martie pentru EA

March 8 gift: the gesture that excites

We quickly passed the Martisorului celebration, maybe because the sun stubbornly hides behind the clouds, and now we are preparing for another day dedicated to the representatives of the fair sex. There is probably no one left who does not know that at the end of this week is their day, that of their mothers, wives, sisters, friends, coworkers, the day when they should be celebrated, pampered, complimented, and last but not least, surprised with more or less expensive gifts, but still precious. :)

I would like to talk a little about these gifts, before starting to look for them through the crowded areas of the shops. Do you still remember the cards you used to prepare for your mother at school and which you handed out as a gift on March 8 ?

How would it be to relive the emotion you felt when you extended the envelope with the special card with your little hand? In addition to the other gifts you plan to buy for your mother, you can also slip in this "soulful" attention, which will surely make the one who gave you life jealous.

Ideas for an eloquent March 8 gift

Without having to spend hours on end looking through shops full of eyes during this period, you can light up the faces of the ladies and young ladies in your life by offering them inspired gifts, inspired on the one hand by their desires and on the other hand by your imagination rich. :) In this sense, I have prepared some gift suggestions that I hope you find useful. Starting from them, you can customize the gift according to the one it is intended for:

- A bouquet of favorite flowers. cadou de 8 martie

- A romantic dinner - if SHE is the girlfriend/wife

- A surprise meeting with the whole family - ideal for mom - Tickets to a musical or theater show

- A relaxation session at the Spa

- A letter of thanks signed by several family members, friends, acquaintances

- A family photo session or a handmade photo album

- A carriage ride

The most beautiful gift of March 8 ...

...the most appropriate and most appreciated is the one given from the heart. It is the one with added value given by the emotion felt when the gift is offered/received, the tears appearing timidly in the corner of the eye, the regrets that we are not more often with THEM - the women who make our lives more beautiful and not least the hugs and the promises that from now on we will value them more.

Even if you have a week to find gifts for your mother, girlfriend, daughter, friend, don't leave the operation for the last few days! This way you will avoid the crowds around the day and... uninspired gifts! A beautiful week!